Saturday, October 22, 2011

God SO loved US

God So Loved Us
Think of God.  Now think of the universe.  Compare the size of the thought in your mind about God to the size of the universe.  Now think of God and his love again.  In awe, ponder the massiveness of God and his holiness.  God stamps his word “Holy” and “glory” over our hearts.   God’s faithfulness is incomparable to anything we have ever seen or can ever imagine.  His faithfulness is holy.  There is nothing on this earth like his faithfulness.  God created the stars, yet with us, he so loved.  God himself so loved.  God who doesn't have to answer to any man.   SO loves us.  (John 3:16).  GOD.  All-Powerful.  All-Knowing.  Unfathomable in glory, spender and holiness.  

He didn't SO created the universe.  Only created the universe.   But the LORD, Creator God SO loved us.   What does that say about God’s love for us?  God so loved us.   The word "so" is an expression of immeasurable LOVE.  It is inexpressibly verbally how much God loves us.  That is why God himself  came and died for all of us.    Ponder the massiveness of the universe.  Now picture a spot so small that it can not be seen with the naked eye,  that is the universe in comparison to the size of God's love for us.    Now say to yourself:  God SO LOVES ME!  God so shows me his goodness, God so gives to me all good, God so declares his glory in and through me through His son.  God so reveals his faithfulness to me.   God so fills my hearts today.  I am so blessed today.    He has opened up every possibility in your life.  They are so for you and for me today. 

So Blessed day for you and me.