Wednesday, October 19, 2011

God's Glory

“When you think ‘God’s glory,’ think ‘preeminence.’  And, when you think ‘preeminence,’ think ‘priority.’  For God’s glory is God’s priority. 
                God’s staff meetings, if he had them, would revolve around one question: ‘How can we reveal my glory today?’  God’s to-do list consists of one item: ‘Reveal my glory.’  Heaven’s framed and mounted purpose statement hangs in the angels’ break room just above the angel food cake.  It reads: ‘Declare God’s glory.’ 
                                -Max Lucado  (from “It’s not about me” Rescue from the life we thought would make us happy)  

"Why does the earth spin? For him. Why do you have talents and abilities? For him. Why do you have money or poverty? For him. Strength or struggles? For him. Everything and everyone exists to reveal his glory. Including you." Max Lucado, Author of "It's not about me."