Friday, October 28, 2011

Remembering Good Friday

If there is anything good people experience through my life, anything of worth, whatever brings people happiness, makes people feel their worth, anything praise worthy in my life.  It comes from You.  You are the reason.  When people smile my way, I remember that day.  You have blessed me beyond amazement!  You are the reason joy is brought into my life.  You are the reason Psalms come forth.   You are the reason I sing with delight.  Everything good in my life comes from that day.  And any good that I can bring to this world...One hundred plus percent comes from You, God.  Thank you for blessing us so much with your presence today. 

Thank you for the cross, thank you for the power of your love, thank you for what you did for me.  You are good and you are here!  You go ahead of us you are behind us and you are in us and with us.  You are the beginning and the end because You have no beginning or end.   You are good and your goodness has no beginning or end.  People are ever changing, but You O God never change.  Hallow is your name today, both now and forever and ever more!  Amen! 

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