Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Are The Storm!

Today's age talks much about a storm in our lives, describing it as something difficult we go through...In Mark 4:35-45 Jesus' disciples were on the boat on a lake when a large wind came and shook the boat.  The disciples were afraid and cried out to Jesus, and Jesus calmed the storm and rebuked them for their lack of faith.   As Christians now we have called difficulties in our lives as "storms" in our lives, which in connotation equates as a difficult time that we do go through...but I will be bold as to say:  :

The "storms" that we go through are just attempts from the enemy to distract us from this truth:  WE ARE THE STORM IN THIS WORLD.  How can a storm go through a storm?   We do not go through storms.  I believe God wants us to see our challenges not as a storm, but as something we go through as we journey from glory to glory.  My point is:  don't be afraid of the challenges in your life, but face challenges with faith.  

Jesus calms the storms of this world I believe mostly to tell us that when we are in Christ are the storm; He works through us to bring a storm to this world (Luke 12:49), one of fire, which consumes and changes this world.  I mean, lives changed in Christ around us, people witnessing the love of God through us, did I mention lives changed and impacted in Christ!   Let's pray that we bring a storm of the love of God by the development of our character in a world that finds such jewels rare.  Remember: (I pray this for myself as well) You are the storm!  Let's go and shake this world by God's word and prayer, for your family and friends from our hearts to theirs! (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20)