Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Born with Purpose!

You were born with purpose.  You are born with uniqueness.  That uniqueness you must understand has only one purpose:  SHINE like the sun.   Now, is the sun shy about its brightness?  Even better question:  Would we ever want the sun to be shy about its brightness?? For obvious reasons, not!  It is the same with us and our gifts and our uniqueness in this world.  A cold world is a result we can say from a lack of light in it.   Shine your God-given, good-bringing uniqueness to this world!  You know your gifts better than you may realize.  Think of how you have encouraged others in this world.  The words Jesus spoke:  You are the light of the world.  Can also be said saying You are purpose of God revealed in the world.  You are His art!  You are the blazing light –YES, THAT’S RIGHT –YOUR TALENTS, YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAMS, YOUR DEEPLY HEARTED AMBITIONS –are the light that gives heat and light to this world.   You were not just made to be unique.  You are unique!  Through Christ You bring good that we can not even pronounce our phonetic language to this world.  Shine your good-God-given uniqueness and inspire this nation one person at a time. Have a blessed day!

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