Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give to God Your Best

Give to God your best.  Think of these words in three parts:  1: "Give"  2.  "To God"  3.  "Your Best".    Think about your unique talents and offer them to this world.  Our unique talents that are here to bring change and even healing to this world.  They are here for not other reason! Think about the cross.  There was a time when the cross was the most disliked  message in the world by people.  And today it expresses the most beautiful love man has and will ever know on earth.  The cross is a testimony to every Christian of what we are supposed to be and what we are to be can only be found in Him.  What are our lives here for?   They are here to turn the most horrible things in this world into transformed incredible and beautiful creatures; creations for all to God's glory!  Be a ground breaker.  It starts in the privacy of your room.  Pray, and ask God for wisdom.   You are the salt of the world.  You are the newness that changes this world.  You are God's poetry.  You bring something fresh to them.  Show them what God has been always putting in your heart to change this world for the good that He prepared for you to do before the creation of this world.  Pray for boldness and humility.   Pray for your talents and don't be ashamed to use them.  They are God's gifts to you.  In fact, they are what people need in this world.  Let's give to God now our best!  Have a tremendous day!