Thursday, February 9, 2012

Success, Marriage and C.E.O.

When I was younger I was told there are three things as a man I must learn to apply wisdom to:  1.  Money  2. Women  3. Power.  I'm learning these and this is an analogy that helps me:

Marriage is holy.  To put it practically, marriage is equivalent to the position of a C.E.O. partnership of perhaps a company over a million employees.  It has helped me to consider: Before you take the position, wouldn't you study about its requirements?  What are the responsibilities that the job requires?  Sure, taking on such a position would involve benefits, but without the knowledge to handle the responsibilities, would these benefits be rewarding?   One could say sex before it’s time is like eating flour, salt, sugar and an egg in an oven.   The timing and preparation is out of whack.  A cookie tastes so much better when baked properly. 

Everyone is entitled to success, and if we want success in relationships we must understand the place of sex as is one of God’s gifts given to all of us in marriage.  Men or women who have prepared his or her self in holiness are now ready to take on the full position of C.E.O. and  have taken some successful steps to steward well their “company”.  We are all C.E.O.’s  What are we C.E.O. of?  Our Families,  our relationships, and our communities.  Yet not just our families…not only our communities…but also our country, and even the nations.  Marriage is the institution that holds own nation strongly together.  So we each have a commitment in this.  We've all heard it before, but it's just like losing weight, there's no way to get around eating right and exercise.  Similarly, our stewardship in and before marriage will bless ourselves and eventually others if we decide to wait, study, work hard, be our best have safe what is meant to bless our lives for marriage.   It’s never too late to prepare.  Our God is the God of second chances.  You have the power to place not only sex but marriage in its proper place.  You are C. E. O. of the nations.  This is your success strategy for the nations.    Save Sex. Use wisdom in money, power, and relationships.   Pray for Rescue and pray for redeemer in all relationships:  all relationships transformed into a legacy.   You are a strong kingdom.  Have a blessed day! 

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