Wednesday, February 29, 2012

101 Reasons Why I Run...


God has blessed me to run, now I'd like to give 101 reasons I've thought of why I run...
101 Reasons why I run (Hebrews 12:1)  "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."  

   1.       I have the ability to.
   2.       There are places you can only get to by running.
   3.       To stay physically strong.
   4.       Build endurance.
   5.       Learn perseverance.  
   6.       Staying sharp.  
   7.       Staying focused.
   8.       Staying consistent.
   9.       Keeping vision.   
  10.   Strengthening vision.
  11.   Learning the powerful impact of emptying oneself.  
  12.   Learning to go past one’s limit.
  13.   Meditation.
  14.   Prayer.
  15.   To see the beauty of God’s creation.
  16.   To encourage others to go further.
  17.   To encourage others to stay in shape.
  18.   To encourage others to reach their goals.
  19.   To encourage others to stay positive.
  20.   Winning spirit.  
  21.   Spend time out in nature.  
  22.   Keep a routine.  
  23.   Stay alert.  
  24.   Grow physically healthy.
  25.   Grow mentally.
  26.   Inspiration in creative thinking.
  27.   Learning to dictate one's own pain.   
  28.   Learning responsibility to commitment.  
  29.   Gain control in dieting.  
  30.   In running you come to a place where you can listen to your heart's true heart beat.
  31.   In running you practice putting to death your own comfort to reach a higher level of living.
  32.   In running  you overcome a complaining attitude.  
  33.   In running you see your obstacles as only spectators on the road to victory as you head towards the finish
        line in the run.
  34.   In running you choose how you will “die”; and in doing so you get to choose how you will live! 
  35.   In running you are learning to depend on what is beyond yourself.  
  36.   Running is a physical display of how the impossible is possible!
  37.   Running is a dance of victory where every step is a step that crushes your obstacles to the ground.
  38.   Running is a dance where the horizon provide the dance floor, and powerful music.  
  39.   Running brings you to a place of freedom from the mundane.  
  40.   Running is preparation for flight and gives you vision soaring above every obstacle.
  41.   In Running you can take the time to speak encouraging words to yourself. 
  42.   Running is the only time you have to race and outrun the world, bikes, cars, buildings and every mountain!
  43.   In running you witness nature cheering you on as you dance the dance of champions! 
  44.   Running is the only opportunity to see the morning in its most splendorous display.    
  45.   Running teaches you that you can do it! 
  46.   Running shows you that God is on your side.
  47.   Running automatically brings you above a normal day into an extraordinarily wonderful impacting day.   
  48.   Running's desert is an extra pep to your step and an extra breath to your every word.  
  49.   Running  is a powerful way to say to good morning to your morning and put the world in it’s proper place under your feet.  
  50.   Running is a reminder that this day has been given to you and you are a gift to this day and the dreams that you have been given have been given to you to come true. 
  51.   To express oneself freely.
  52.   To communicate to the world a language of victory.
  53.   To bring a new song to light.  
  54.   To communicate to nature.  
  55.   To communicate to my friends a voice of victory.
  56.   To communicate to my naysayers  a voice of triumph.  
  57.   To dance in the face of my enemies.
  58.   To speak a voice of focused triumph physically, in attitude, focus and obedience.  
  59.   To win.
  60.   To remind myself God is in control
  61.   To inspire the next generation, my children, that all things are possible.
  62.   For my sister who is my inspiration.
  63.   Running is the only opportunity to release all of one's passions! 
  64.   Running gives hope to everyone.  
  65.   Running teaches me that every triumph is a step by step motion forward! 
  66.   To begin the day by seeing the beauty of all the beautiful colors of the morning 
  67.   To join in the peaceful silence of the morning 
  68.   To drink nectar of the first fruits of the morning 
  69.   Running is the best way your neighbors can see you when they see you for the first time each day.  
  70.   Running teaches you that you have more to offer this world then what you could ever imagine
  71.   Running helps you to encouraging your children to push past the limits
  72.   Running inspires even your pets when you run with them
  73.   Running pushes aside all your fears
  74.   Running is the only time you can say that the neighbor dogs better watch out for your bite! 
  75.   Running is a time you can truly enjoy the beauty of snow when it falls in the winter
  76.   Running brings a prosperity to the day that only running helps your eyes to see
  77.   Running gives you ideas you would never thought of
  78.   Running and problem solving go hand and hand 
  79.   Running brings you greater wisdom faster
  80.   Running brings you health faster than any other practice 
  81.   Running teaches you to take better care of yourself physically 
  82.   Running helps you to keep your priorities in perspective
  83.   Running helps you to better organize your entire day
  84.   Running helps you feel and physically look victorious 
  85.   Running puts you in clothes you would not be able to wear otherwise
  86.   Running give you creativity to live a life full of energy for each day
  87.   In Running you are not dependent on food, and people but you have food for people to bless them with. 
  88.   Running fills you will inspiration to give to people around you, in your job, at home and wherever you go. 
  89.   Running gives you the ability to truly, truly see the beauty of other countries when you run there. 
  90.   Running helps you to see yourself in a place where you are giving to people your all. 
  91.   Running teaches you to be your best
  92.   Running teaches you how to stand like a victor. 
  93.   Running teaches you humility to seek advice to get better. 
  94.   Running give you the right perspective that all these things will be behind you by the time you are finished. 
  95.   Running teaches you to trust that when you finish everything will not only be alright, but things will be   better, new, and will bring you to a place of joy and energy that you never thought you could have
  96.   Running gives you the choice to have a victorious day! 
  97.   Running gives you the opportunity to completely turn your day all around to incredible! 
  98.   Running is the only opportunity you have to see what your blood was made to do! 
  99.   Running helps your body stay young in heart, mind and attitude. 
  100.       Running is a reminder that you have the ability and choice to experience success and satisfaction in everyday of life.  

101.                        Running physically helps teach you to throw away who you were and bring out who you were meant to be. 

Have a great day! 
More reasons coming soon…

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