Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Talents don't make you. YOU make your talents.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 5:10 

Your Talents don’t make you.  You make your talents.
Last night I thought about and watched a message about the kinds of people that associate with us.  One of them were the kind of people who support what you do, but do not necessarily support you.   These kind of people will be around you just as long as you support their particular interest.  If not careful this will have you believe that people are meant to be around you based on your talents and what you do.  You may mistakenly find your identity wrapped in what these people support, particularly your talents and therefore finding your worth thereof.   But it was never your talents that make who you are.  You are God's.  You are destiny’s child.  You are a world changer and re-shaper.  If that were not so, people could ridicule your talents and that would be the end of you.  But you are not what you do or have done.  You are in God WHO God says you ARE.  When you truly believe this you WILL be persecuted because many people, even Christians, don’t necessarily believe everything God says about who they are.  Many people don’t believe they are great and for that reason are quick to ridicule and try to put you down or anyone who tries to take that stance.   Listen!  If you say you are a great person.  You are  incredibly and uniquely a whole new wonderful work of God all together!  You are a prodigy!  You are a born leader and generation changer, a forerunner, a spectral,  that means you are standing and walking in who God says about who you REALLY are;  I. E.  YOU ARE STANDING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Because you are believing what God says about you!   

 People who are around you, especially the ones who son'r believe that about themselves;  find it impossible to believe that about others and can’t really relate to you.  They might will naturally latch on to anything familiar to them, perhaps your talents.  It’s not a bad thing.  But be careful.  These same people may ridicule you, don’t let that bother you, they just don’t know how to relate to you so they relate in a way that is most natural and unfortunately detrimental to themselves.  Just keep moving because you have a place. 

No one can touch you.  Remember that.  The only ones that can touch you are the ones that are where you are.   Those people power your faith and give it an instant daily jolt.  Those who persecute you, those are not theirs.  Which is why I believe Jesus said, “forgive and pray for those who persecute you.”    Pray they may too come to believe in God.  WHO you are powers what you are doing.  You power your talents.  You bless where you go.   You have a UNIQUE POWER in GREATNESS the world has never ever seen.

Don’t be surprised when people can’t wrap you around their ideas.   Stand up even taller.  The taller you stand the brighter your Righteousness shines, and the greater the opportunity for those who persecute you to come to believe they too were fearfully and wonderfully made for the greatest of greatness that only power of God's great goodness will bring for them too. 

Have a wonderful, vision filled day.  

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