Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Read Hebrews
What The Righteous See

We don’t see what we see, we see what we DON’T see.  We don’t see it once, we see it in eternity. 
There’s no other way to see our lives and our circumstances.  We are calling those things that are not as though they are and the weak these as testimonies of the greatest works of God man has ever seen. 

How the Righteous Stand How do we stand?  
We stand up straight.  In our standing straight we divide the royales from the pesents of heart.    We draw neigh the high things of God and by default, other things crumble away.   By standing up straight, we tell the devil:  Hey! Give me my shoulders back!  Our chest is strong and in two strong positions: forward and upward.   In the position of standing up straight, our temple of the body had fully prepared and has given stay to the new and permanent tenant:  confidence

Why the Righteous don’t wait 
There is no time to wait.  The Righteous calls down heaven, now!  The Righteous works as in the last day!  It is all about the current time.  There is no waiting.  The Righteous call down now what the world dreams for the future.   Come, Lord Jesus. Come

Who the Righteous are
The Righteous are great.  They are great in the kingdom of God and though seen as weak temperally, they are powerful everywhere they go.  The are the head and never the tail.  They are great.  They are greater than the great in this world.  They walk in this extreme greatness.  A greatness that is not from man but from God.  And the Righteous stand and walk in that powerful greatness.  In the stillness of knowing their name will be great for the glory of God’s kingdom and the knowledge of redemption through Jesus Christ our Lord.