Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Is My Life So Amazing?? Because of You

This week God has shown me sooo much.  Mostly He revealed to me the jerk that I have been.   I had also been a jerk to myself, pushing myself toward something that God was never directing me to go towards, i was forging my own voice to be God's.

It was like this run today:  Today I was running and I wanted to take a longer route but as I was running that route I felt a heaviness with every leap; I knew something was up, so I turned around and suddenly I had the strength to run again.  As I ran I finished and all was well.  Not 20 minutes later did the sky turn black and now as I am written, heavy ran is falling in a storm stronger than what I've seen before in Wonju.

We have to trust that God knows what he is doing, and the truth is..we don't have to fight our own battles!  God is on our side and He knows what he is doing.  He doesn't need our help, but he needs us to release and let go of our own ideas, especially the ideas that says that we need to do something in order for God to mightily work in our lives.  We may need to do something:  that something might be letting go and letting God work in our weakness and in our humility and trust in Him fully.

He wants our lives to be amazing, but not because of what we do, or our knowledge, but He wants us to say, My life is so amazing, and it's all because of YOU!  

As I was running today, I was listening to the song:  Beautiful Things, by Gungor.  I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be so beautiful if I sung this song at my church or at some special event,  then all would see my heart and my passion and how I want God to work beautiful things in my life."  Well, God gently gave to me an different outlook on that:  Inside I could hear God saying, "No, what would be more beatiful is that if someone else whom you allowed your life through Me to touch would sing this song for you as you sit and simply listen to them pour out their hearts in gratitude because of the life you allowed me to show you was revealed."

I was speechless.  See, God doesn't want us to do all the work so that we can say, "look at what I've made myself"   No, but God wants us to release what we have so that He can work and we can testify to the great and powerful work that God has His grace displayed in our lives.

God is so good and let the prayer be:  God, I submit life into your hands, teach me humilty to walk with you.  Help me to leave all the dogma, the titles, and my own screen write on the floor as I simply walk with you.  Amen.!/jholloway55 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spend Time With Those Who Believe In You :)

 Spend much time with those who believe in you 

Today I was helping a student with a word search activity game and strangely I was instantly quick to find the words they were asking help to find.  Then I went to help a girl who was typically a complainer.  She complained and complained.  She asked me to help her find a word, I noticed the word did not appear.   I helped her giving her tips to find other words, but she, at the time, was not grateful.  There is a great lesson here:  How often do we look for something and God is giving us all kinds of things of greater satisfaction, but we miss the thanksgiving because we are too focused on some other thing we are looking for that we may not necessarily need at the time.  But the main point and lesson here is the power of faith.   

When you believe truly, like the first student, in yourself, in others, in your God who rules all things, and you believe all things are possible, the possibilities are endless and the "laws of gravity" bend.  When we have an attitude of obedience, faith and thanksgiving, the "classroom" of life goes so smoothly.  There is a grace that simply appears and a wonder is present.   

In my first observation of a classroom, I was young and I noticed the students began to "misbehave."  But I didn't think they were misbehaving.  But the point here is that, the teacher can sense the attitude of their students.  Now that I am more experienced, I can feel and sense the level of respect, confidence, and trust in the room and when these things are at a high level, I know instantly that the class will go well, or we can also express it this way:  "Miracles can happen!"  Same in our lives.  The more we enter into each day when we enter in with an expression of open expectation, respect, confidence and believing in God, we will be able to see things happen! We can see more clearly the in-numerous miracles God is doing in our lives as he takes us into divine places in all things.  This is why I think it is so important to surround ourselves around an environment of faith and life in Christ.  This is good, so we can make a great difference in the lives of those around us.   Wow!  It really amazes me the power of our faith.   

Find someone, or agree with me and let's pray together for a continual growing of a close trusting relationship with a loving wise and powerful wonderful great good kind friend Father:  God.  

Remember: spend time with those who believe in all that God will do in and through you in Christ Jesus.   

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Biggest Practical Goal.!/jholloway55 

The Goal, in fact, is simple.

The goal is to get completely out of debt, have my money make money so I can devote my entire life as a Worship leader.

It should take about a year.
1. Learn how vending machines work.


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

God put the Most Wonderful People in Wonju in my life! :)

God put together the most beautiful, most finest, most loveliest people in all of Wonju and he put them in my circle of friends.  Really, I was just sitting with my band last night and I thought to myself, "Man!  How did I end up with such an awesome group of the most sincerest people ever!"  I'm serious, I didn't think people like Rob, Matt, Ang and Todd existed!  They are truly one of the most sincerest people i have ever met, and on top of that they play music!  And on top of that, they play music with me!!!  Wow!!!  What a wonderful wonderful privilege!  

The people at my church are so unique in their talents and abilities and i've seen people cry out of joy and i've never seen such honest and open people in my life.   Korean, American, South African, the list goes on and on.  I'm so blessed by God to have such people in my life.  

To be continued... :)  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Relationship with Today

I want to make a story book of the day.  Today is a beautiful woman.  She is waking up and saying to us “Hi Dear, Look! I made a wonderful  Sunrise for you.”  But we turn and say, “Ugh, another day..”   The day says later,  “Look hun, I brought some people here into your life.”   But we say, “Oh, why can’t I find some better people than these..”   Later the day says, “Hey sweetie, :)  Look I see we have money left over from the week, let’s go eat something nice J”   But we turn and say, “Gosh, I don’t have any money,  I can’t eat anything…”  

That night the man sleeps with feelings of monotonous turning of the wheels and discontentment, but the Today says: 

“When the sun rises I’m going to try again, maybe he’ll love me.
She says, “Maybe if I was tomorrow then he would love me, but I can never be tomorrow, I will always be Today.”

-Accept the day for what it is!  It is a gift for you J  Stop having an affair with "tomorrow."  The next day is important, but treat today right, and tomorrow will take care of itself.  Remember he who finds Today finds a good thing.   Life is for today.  She is beautiful and she is made just for you!  Live and love Today with all your heart.  I promise you, she’s already given you all of her love to you. 
God bless you today J  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank you for your Prayers

I'd like to thank you for your prayers, because I found my number one prayer and ambition:  Fill up the jars of praise to overflowing.  Your jars of clay are to be filled to overflowing and abounding and abundant in thanksgiving and it will overflow in to others and into everything in your life and in your future and in your children even today it stays and it overflows and flows and flows.  It is the river of love that flows out of you.  Listen!  It flows OUT OF YOU into other people.  It is the light; it is the salt; It is the one thing that you can pray to joy overflowing for it each day.  Keep speaking it until it becomes a fluent language on your mouth from within you so natural that you any longer need to think about it.  Jeremy, This is your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY:  THANKSGIVING ON TO OVERFLOWING.  THIS IS YOUR NUMBER ONE AMBITION.  It is finished!  Amen!  

Friday, May 4, 2012

When you were born, you were given your dream job

Your job is whatever you enjoy doing that blesses others.  You probably don't even need to think about it.  This gift you have been given by God.   God gave you the certification for this work before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5).   You don't need the permission from anyone;  You have the "Go!"  by Almighty God.  Now get to work :)  and watch how you change the world of one person at a time. : D