Thursday, May 17, 2012

God put the Most Wonderful People in Wonju in my life! :)

God put together the most beautiful, most finest, most loveliest people in all of Wonju and he put them in my circle of friends.  Really, I was just sitting with my band last night and I thought to myself, "Man!  How did I end up with such an awesome group of the most sincerest people ever!"  I'm serious, I didn't think people like Rob, Matt, Ang and Todd existed!  They are truly one of the most sincerest people i have ever met, and on top of that they play music!  And on top of that, they play music with me!!!  Wow!!!  What a wonderful wonderful privilege!  

The people at my church are so unique in their talents and abilities and i've seen people cry out of joy and i've never seen such honest and open people in my life.   Korean, American, South African, the list goes on and on.  I'm so blessed by God to have such people in my life.  

To be continued... :)  

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