Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Relationship with Today

I want to make a story book of the day.  Today is a beautiful woman.  She is waking up and saying to us “Hi Dear, Look! I made a wonderful  Sunrise for you.”  But we turn and say, “Ugh, another day..”   The day says later,  “Look hun, I brought some people here into your life.”   But we say, “Oh, why can’t I find some better people than these..”   Later the day says, “Hey sweetie, :)  Look I see we have money left over from the week, let’s go eat something nice J”   But we turn and say, “Gosh, I don’t have any money,  I can’t eat anything…”  

That night the man sleeps with feelings of monotonous turning of the wheels and discontentment, but the Today says: 

“When the sun rises I’m going to try again, maybe he’ll love me.
She says, “Maybe if I was tomorrow then he would love me, but I can never be tomorrow, I will always be Today.”

-Accept the day for what it is!  It is a gift for you J  Stop having an affair with "tomorrow."  The next day is important, but treat today right, and tomorrow will take care of itself.  Remember he who finds Today finds a good thing.   Life is for today.  She is beautiful and she is made just for you!  Live and love Today with all your heart.  I promise you, she’s already given you all of her love to you. 
God bless you today J  

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