Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spend Time With Those Who Believe In You :)

 Spend much time with those who believe in you 

Today I was helping a student with a word search activity game and strangely I was instantly quick to find the words they were asking help to find.  Then I went to help a girl who was typically a complainer.  She complained and complained.  She asked me to help her find a word, I noticed the word did not appear.   I helped her giving her tips to find other words, but she, at the time, was not grateful.  There is a great lesson here:  How often do we look for something and God is giving us all kinds of things of greater satisfaction, but we miss the thanksgiving because we are too focused on some other thing we are looking for that we may not necessarily need at the time.  But the main point and lesson here is the power of faith.   

When you believe truly, like the first student, in yourself, in others, in your God who rules all things, and you believe all things are possible, the possibilities are endless and the "laws of gravity" bend.  When we have an attitude of obedience, faith and thanksgiving, the "classroom" of life goes so smoothly.  There is a grace that simply appears and a wonder is present.   

In my first observation of a classroom, I was young and I noticed the students began to "misbehave."  But I didn't think they were misbehaving.  But the point here is that, the teacher can sense the attitude of their students.  Now that I am more experienced, I can feel and sense the level of respect, confidence, and trust in the room and when these things are at a high level, I know instantly that the class will go well, or we can also express it this way:  "Miracles can happen!"  Same in our lives.  The more we enter into each day when we enter in with an expression of open expectation, respect, confidence and believing in God, we will be able to see things happen! We can see more clearly the in-numerous miracles God is doing in our lives as he takes us into divine places in all things.  This is why I think it is so important to surround ourselves around an environment of faith and life in Christ.  This is good, so we can make a great difference in the lives of those around us.   Wow!  It really amazes me the power of our faith.   

Find someone, or agree with me and let's pray together for a continual growing of a close trusting relationship with a loving wise and powerful wonderful great good kind friend Father:  God.  

Remember: spend time with those who believe in all that God will do in and through you in Christ Jesus.   

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