Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank you for your Prayers

I'd like to thank you for your prayers, because I found my number one prayer and ambition:  Fill up the jars of praise to overflowing.  Your jars of clay are to be filled to overflowing and abounding and abundant in thanksgiving and it will overflow in to others and into everything in your life and in your future and in your children even today it stays and it overflows and flows and flows.  It is the river of love that flows out of you.  Listen!  It flows OUT OF YOU into other people.  It is the light; it is the salt; It is the one thing that you can pray to joy overflowing for it each day.  Keep speaking it until it becomes a fluent language on your mouth from within you so natural that you any longer need to think about it.  Jeremy, This is your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY:  THANKSGIVING ON TO OVERFLOWING.  THIS IS YOUR NUMBER ONE AMBITION.  It is finished!  Amen!  

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