Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Is My Life So Amazing?? Because of You

This week God has shown me sooo much.  Mostly He revealed to me the jerk that I have been.   I had also been a jerk to myself, pushing myself toward something that God was never directing me to go towards, i was forging my own voice to be God's.

It was like this run today:  Today I was running and I wanted to take a longer route but as I was running that route I felt a heaviness with every leap; I knew something was up, so I turned around and suddenly I had the strength to run again.  As I ran I finished and all was well.  Not 20 minutes later did the sky turn black and now as I am written, heavy ran is falling in a storm stronger than what I've seen before in Wonju.

We have to trust that God knows what he is doing, and the truth is..we don't have to fight our own battles!  God is on our side and He knows what he is doing.  He doesn't need our help, but he needs us to release and let go of our own ideas, especially the ideas that says that we need to do something in order for God to mightily work in our lives.  We may need to do something:  that something might be letting go and letting God work in our weakness and in our humility and trust in Him fully.

He wants our lives to be amazing, but not because of what we do, or our knowledge, but He wants us to say, My life is so amazing, and it's all because of YOU!  

As I was running today, I was listening to the song:  Beautiful Things, by Gungor.  I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be so beautiful if I sung this song at my church or at some special event,  then all would see my heart and my passion and how I want God to work beautiful things in my life."  Well, God gently gave to me an different outlook on that:  Inside I could hear God saying, "No, what would be more beatiful is that if someone else whom you allowed your life through Me to touch would sing this song for you as you sit and simply listen to them pour out their hearts in gratitude because of the life you allowed me to show you was revealed."

I was speechless.  See, God doesn't want us to do all the work so that we can say, "look at what I've made myself"   No, but God wants us to release what we have so that He can work and we can testify to the great and powerful work that God has His grace displayed in our lives.

God is so good and let the prayer be:  God, I submit life into your hands, teach me humilty to walk with you.  Help me to leave all the dogma, the titles, and my own screen write on the floor as I simply walk with you.  Amen.!/jholloway55 

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