Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Let's pray together about this.  One: The world puts its face in ours and is always suggesting us to adopt a fool’s philosophy of see it then believe it. NO!  If we do this we only see that we are somebody when we see it but God started with creation giving us all good things so we are and have everything THIS WORLD DOESN'T HAVE, the life that Almighty God breathed into us is more than enough.  

Part Two:  There is the world, and then there is the RELIGIOUS WORLD.  The religious world is tricky.  Especially these days.  They live based on status that is often more destructive than the forces in all the world combined.  After all, as long as the church holds statuses, there will be denominations and divisions.   Statuses kill more opportunities of faith than anything else in this world.  

We must pray:  Dear Father,

I've seen this world and the religious affiliate, and Father, I need your definition:
HOW TO BE A CHRISTIAN BY YOUR DEFINITION ALONE –based on solely your Word.    

Father, as your spirit works in my heart.  Continue to reveal to me the BOLDNESS of being the person IN CHRIST that GOD, You have called us to be.   Help us to spend time genuinely with you so that YOU are the dominant lead that drives us in wisdom, humility and obedience everyday in our lives Today.
IN JESUS' NAME.  AMEN.!/jholloway55 

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