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The Difference between a "Gossip" and a "Gentle Life" (THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE)!/jholloway55 
Are you a gossip??  Do you constantly talk about other people's lives?  These are two questions I never asked myself. Why??  Because I was convinced that I wasn't a gossiper.  I made extra effort not to say anything to anyone about anybody that I knew wasn't anywhere close to me and the other person I was talking to.  It made me irritated to think that someone could be talking about me behind my back.  "How would I feel about that?"  I thought. So I made extra effort!  If someone was to talk about someone else, I changed the subject!  Yeah!  I thought to myself, "They should know better than to be so easy off at the lip talking about so and so!  What's their problem?!"   Well, I learned something that knocked me off my socks today!!  What is it??  Here it is:

MENTAL AND INWARD GOSSIP.  YES!  Gossiping to another person isn't the problem, it's what goes on in our minds that's the problem, whether we share it with others or not.   Gossip, by the Webster dictionary is this:  a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others.  

Another way to say that is:  Nosy people, or people who self-imposed-ly get involved in other people's business. 

Well, I would bet a One hundred dollar new sneaks that when people think of Gossip they think of someone who tells someone else about someone else's business who is not in the room at the time.  Well, they are right, but what we don't realize that our main house is not the wooded or plastered square diameter wall we are in when we are with other people, but rather it is far more actual to think of the house that is YOU.   What you think when you are thinking to yourself.  I discovered that I was spending a lot of time thinking about stuff that was never any of my business.    

Sometimes, even stuff about our own future isn't really any of our business, but if we're not careful, we can gossip inwardly to ourselves and waist a lot of time, instead of giving it to God.  Honestly,  I wasn't  feeling like I was one of those people who tell others about other people's business until recently. I thought "it's being nosy, it's being too curious about other people's lives, what they wear, their house, they're style, anything not related to them.."   I thought I was exempt because I didn't talk to others about other people's business, but God showed me that I was wrong.  I wasn't talking to other people about others, true, but I discovered that in INWARDLY I WAS ENTERTAINING SO MANY GOSSIPING IDEAS ABOUT OTHERS TO MYSELF.  You see, we don't need another party to share juicy little tidbits about others.  Secretly for years, I would walk down the street and I purposefully looked around constantly, not in a lustful way alone but sometimes just putting my nose into other people's business saying to myself in my mind, "Oh, I wonder what that person is up to, maybe something interesting,"  or "Oh, look at that person, what is that person thinking.."  or "Oh, look at that person.." on and on and on.  The problem with this person watching was that it takes you off of the direction you are headed perhaps literally and spiritually as well.  It's honestly a calling to if at all possible, mind our own business.    

The Bible says, we aught to be professionals at sticking our nose OUT of other people's business.  If you look into the Bible, unless God specifically directed,  mighty leaders of God did not go around self-imposingly looking for people to get involved with, in fact, it was usually quite the opposite! , These never acted like they needed to find people to change.  NO.  God always changes us, and then he sends those whom he wants so that HE can do something in their lives. Well, some people might say, "But, J, don't you need to take the initiative to help others?"  Yes!  The initiative is to believe in the ONE whom God is sent.  Nothing more and nothing less.  God will do the rest! Being God lead and self obligating are two different things and can easily lead us into inward mental gossiping (overly sticking our noses into other people's business)  "But, Jeremy"  one might say, "Aren't we supposed to keep our brother accountable?"   Yes, but which is easier to do, or which is more God motivated, to say "I need to look and make sure that everyone around me is doing what they need to be doing" TROUBLE! or to say, "LORD, I'm going to fix my eyes on Jesus (You) and I'm going to trust that those whom You have placed in my circle of influence you have placed in my life will be touched and moved through the personal and intimate relationship we have,  and I know I will be a blessing to them as you give me all i need to be sensitive to their needs with wisdom and gentleness know how to care for them and the courage to know when it is my responsibility to act."   

You see, taking it too much on ourselves to be involved in other people's lives gets us into trouble because it can be easily self-started i.e. self-motivated.  Those we influence, when we entrust it to God, we can live securely knowing that God is guiding our steps and leading us to be powerfully and positively involved in other people's lives.  And until then, we have the complete permission from God to just mind our own business.  Each of us should make profession out of leading a more gentle life (1 Thessalonians 4:10-12)

When I discovered this for the first time.  I realized that I actually did have enough business of my own that I didn't need to find other business or more business unnecessarily from other people.  I think apart of the reason why i was doing this was because of the ungodly way I was thinking about my own life.  I was thinking, "Well, I don't have much in my life, so I might was well think of others and what they have, even if i don't tell others" or i thought "maybe if i involve myself in this person's life, and since this person's life is more interesting, 'cause this person probably is more worth thinking about."  Nonsense!  Delivery from the lies of the enemy.  God so loved us that He sacrificed the ultimate price for us so that we could be with him forever.  Repeating:  So that He could be with us FOREVER!  He loves us.  If that doesn't tell you how valuable your time is with Him, let me tell you, God created you and every second with you gives him goose bumps, why??  Because He loves you SO.   I wish I had the time to just explain those two letters put together:  SO. 

God Almighty SO    LOVES  YOU.   and He wants us to move in a forward direction with Him.   The Gossipers problem is not really the problem.   The real problem with gossipers is that mentally they are going round and round in a direction that is taking them in a constant spiral.  This is a specific design of the enemy.  The enemy's plan is to get us to be distracted off of our healthy relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves and especially (most importantly) our relationship with a Loving God longs for us; if he can get us spirally mentally about 12 hours of the day; that's his idea, but we have the eyes to see:  as long as we are thinking about other people and what they are doing, we are not moving forward in our own lives and the destiny and purpose that God has so intended for each of us for that day and for us with the people that God has placed everyday in our lives to move ahead forward with them, not just physically, but also in relationship and in communication in connection and in community amongst so many other great things!  Make a decision to move forward today! 

When I was baptized I realized that the Holy Spirit lives inside of me.  Then every time I entertained a thought about someone whether good or bad that wasn't any of my business, it was just like i was talking to the Holy Spirit who was trying to have fellowship with me because the spirit is interested in a personal relationship with us, but so often we say,  " Please wait, Holy Spirit, let me cut you off from revealing your marvelousness for a moment, we need to talk about what in the world is this person thinks they are doing."  Now don't get me wrong, we all think about someone else and we can't always just be thinking about ourselves constantly, that's not what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is, as we go through the day, we should let the Spirit, that still voice inside, diagnose what is our business and what is not, until think just relax and soak in all the marvelous things that Your heavenly Father wants to reveal to you personally about Who He is!  This alone tells us that honestly we have enough good stuff of our own, so many things to thank God for and think of that the importance to plunge into other people's business turns to be as similar desire to jump out of a deep ocean blue tropical sea into a 1 inch shallow lake.   

When I was baptized I recognized another thing that it was time for me to move forward from in my relationship with my Awesome Creator God.  I was probably the worst gossiper when it came to putting my nose into other people's business.  But it wasn't others that was really the problem for me, but it was me.  Not to others, but to myself.  This is something that we often can overlook, but is so important to see and stop: we can sometimes gossip badly about ourselves to ourselves.  Listen, there is never a good time to talk badly about yourself to anyone and especially to yourself.  Here is a challenge today for you:  Listen to what you say or think about yourself for a moment.  It is CRUCIAL AND OF THE MOST IMPORTANCE TO DO THIS SOME MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE:  One day stop and vow to yourself apologize and move on.  This is what I realized, because of Jesus, my shortcoming are no longer any of my business.  Amen.  I want you to think about this, Jesus, God doesn't think about your short comings anymore so why should you put it upon yourself over God to say, or think about them either.  Who told you you have to do that. God himself says No.   Let me tell you,  we are all human, we know we are, God knows that we are, We all have had shortcomings, but because of His One and Only Son, He NEVER sees that in us.  So no longer take charge of the things that God has moved forward from, let the dead bury their dead, and you, move forward and follow Jesus, and no longer entertain ungodly thoughts that are wrapped up in the falsehood of your upbringing, in the newness of your upbringing with your Heavenly Father, You are grounded if you think about yourself as anything but precious, God's, Jesus' one and only treasure! Beautiful and The smile of God.   

Your life is so incredible to God.  Dear Father, I pray that all those who read this message may come to a new place in their relationship with you Today.  Show your glory and majesty in a great and wonderful light through this message.   Have a great day :)   

Out of ALL things He made, Jesus is only excited about being with 
You always (John 3:16).

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