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My New Book: God Wants YOU To Smile :)!/jholloway55 

This book is going to come out this Summer to Fall 2012.  I'll give you a sneak peak :)   Take your time and if it doesn't encourage you, tell me!  I'll make it a step more so  you can smile!  God bless you!

Book Title:  

God wants YOU to smile. (Copyright 2012)


God wanted me to write this book because there are far too many people, including myself, who thought that God was not a “Smiler”.  That He was not a smiling Ruler who expresses delight.  I know it sounds funny; 
 But sometimes we look at the Bible and somehow we don’t perceive God as smiling at us, and therefore we don’t think that God wants us to really smile.  I know Christians who feel guilty when they smile.  They feel like they shouldn't.  That smiling and enjoyment of life is for “sinners” who smile because they don’t know about the “love” that God has for them.  But it makes a different when you believe and know that God's purpose is that God wants all of his children to smile.  He wants all of his children to enjoy life everyday.  My prayer is that this book will not only make you smile.  But it will also give you a fresh outlook on your destiny, your life, and the great impact you can and will have on others around you. 

Chapter One:  laughter is of genius 
Laughter is God's gift that tells us his will.  What makes people smile about you?  Is it your smile?  Is it your sense of humor?  Listen more closely to people when they are refreshed with a smile from you.  Look more closely.  Take a minute and close your eyes thinking about how you will make your best friends smile.  What is a smile?  A smile is:   “A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.”

 A smile is a shout out of joy that expresses who we really are and who we were meant to be.  Whoever you are.  Whatever your job is.  There is a part of you the beckons to bring a delight to others and a joy, God put it in you.  It is effortless, and it is your calling.  Bill Gates had a simple idea to create computers, perhaps it was a way to make more money, or even more, Mr. Gates, saw a way that he could put a smile on the faces of those he cared about and even more people.  I have a challenge for you:  If you have an idea that you can see will make someone smile with delight: Don’t delay, and do it!  All you need is all you have now.  What you do by principal gives more, gives back; a blessing to both you and the people around you.  We were made to make other people joyful with our talents.

The compliment and miracle of a smile
Think about the compliment of a smile. What are people telling you and what you tell yourself when you make someone smile.  They are a gift of your talents, your abilities that cause this miracle to happen.   Remember, if pain is a scream for help...laughter is a shout of your genius and unmatched unique and graceful talent.  How many miracles can you cause to happen today?   

Chapter two: God smiles  
God himself smiles.   In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  We smile when we see a flower.  What do we think is God’s expression when he created the heavens, and when the earth was made?  When He created YOU?  When He breathed breath of life into YOU?   When He created the world He smiled.  When he created the flowers of the field he smiled.   When he created you, our God sang. Every breath is a song we sing. God smiles and he wants you to smile as well.  Think about when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. How many smiles were resurrected from just that one event.   God Smiles. 

God already smiles at you.  When you were born God smiled.  God sees all the things he has for you and He smiles with joy and delight. This can be strange for us to think, because He smiles with full love and acceptance.

Chapter Three you were made to make people smile  

Remember this quote: when you make someone smile, you are stronger than superman.  You are of greater genius than Einstein.  You are more enginuitive than the arquetects of the tallest skyscrapers of our time.  With one flinch of your talents, worlds of people are changed.  One spark of your inspiration makes people shakes their heads wondering how you did it.  Without effort, who you are in Christ can build up, strengthen and encourage an entire nation.  You were made to make people smile.

Fact and fear. Your talents are the fact, fear is nonfiction. Look around you today.  The stroke of genius in a butterfly, in the song of a song bird, in a tree, in a swan flying over a pond, in the birth of a newly born child.  They are all facts, but how did they happen? Was it genius??  They seem so natural.  The truth is all of these are genius, but how they happen are with such ease that fear seems to be the last thing we think of when we witness it.  It is exactly this way with your talents.  Did a chick need a degree to learn how to get out of the egg?  Did a lion need to study to be king of the jungle? Hard work, study and college degrees are all well deserving of great recognition.  However, they do not discredit the fact that so many of the natural, pure, and uplifting talents you already have represent what you are and have always been made to do and be.   If a doctor doesn’t know, that he knows, that he knows, that this is what he was meant to do, get me another Doctor please! Sometimes we have jobs that are not perfect, but we must becareful not to downplay, underlook, or disvalue the genius inside of us, when we do, we walk in fear and fiction, day dreaming, wishing things would be better.  A man who walks doing what he was meant to do instantly becomes rich, instantely becomes like a king, instantly has all he could ever want, hope or dream.  Is that you?   The fact is, you were born with your dream job.   It is laid inside of you even before you were born.  God said to the prophet Jeremiah,  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”  There is not a human being on the face of this planet who has not been called to a very specific purpose, just as specific as the signature of your DNA.  Now we have to stop down playing what sets us apart and what has always been positively uplifting and inspiring others.  Don’t say that you don’t have any special talent, even if that is what you or others had always been trying to sell you, don’t sell yourself cheap,  You were made!  Think about it!  YOU WERE MADE!  You are here!  Welcome!  Here you are! You do not fill up space.  You were made to change upwardly curve faces!  So look carefully and examine the smiles and strokes of genius in your life.   These, each and every one are your talents and their marks of genius and remembering this: Just as you smile, they make God smile.  Your marks of genius do the same.  Your ideas; when you make people laugh, when we joyfully carryout what we are doing in the way God designed us, we are making God smile. God wants to smile! That is why He wants us to smile!  God is a Smiler!   When you show your talents, you show the kind of genius that no other person can duplicate.    

When you are yourself you make people smile.  Take the time you need.  You may need a day or so, but take the time and learn about who you are.  You are an amazing and wondrous child of God Most High.  Think of those who conquerors cities, those who ruled as kings, those who brought people to tears of joy as they performed before thousands.  When you smile you are doing more than that! When you are being yourself you are better than a man who takes over a city. 

Take the time you need and examine your smile and with confidence log it into your journal and pray for God to reveal to you more as your heart opens to His work in all the areas of your life, giving them up to Him.  Ask God, “Lord, in what areas of my life do you want me to smile in?  I give those over to you.  Lord, the areas that I make other people smile, Father, I step boldly into those and ask that you bless those moments and grant me the confidence to continue walking in them as you reveal yourself, your word and who you are to me.” 

Chapter four: Jesus made people who believed in him smile.  
After Lazurus rose from the dead, people smiled.   Most people were afraid after a miracle in Jesus' time because they were not aware that God was giving them permission now to smile, be expressively joyful and enjoy their lives.  Jesus commended people who took great lengths to enjoy their lives.   

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