Friday, June 29, 2012

Your New Music Album: The Way We Communicate to Others

Each day you release a new album and you promote it to others.  At most, probably there's a list of the top 12 phrases you'll give to the people around you: Your songlist from your album.  These songs, the phrases you give as you go about the day, can be all summed up in one message from your heart : Your Album name.
What songs are you singing to the people around you?   The things you say to people are the songs you choose to sing in your life.  You are giving or hearing: Cindy's Best Hit's are playing.  John's Top played songs are on the radio.  Now you're aware of what you listen to and what you choose to have people hear from you?  Now what songs do you want to play to people today?  Ephesians 5:19 says we sing songs to people each day.  We can choose to sing songs that honor us and our plans, ideas, etc.. or we can sing a best hits from God's promises and what He sings to us through His one and Only Son, Jesus Christ.  Your songs are a unique testimony to God's great and immeasurable love.  Every day we give these songs to ourselves and give these songs to others.  Before you know it, now it's the Top 10 charts, and then No. 1.  What's No. 1. on your Billboard charts?  Is it Our God Reigns! To God be the Glory!  Great things He has done for us!  How Great is Our God!   Have a great day!
Elizabeth Campisi, thanks for the inspirational photo :)!/jholloway55 

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