Monday, July 30, 2012

The whole world has been hired to work for you now! (Romans 8:28) So what are you telling it?

The moment you decided to trust in the LORD, the world and all creation has just been hired to work for your behalf. Remember who you working and know that God is working everything for you! Romans 8:28 Cause God knows that He chose YOU for the job and He will make sure that all works to GOOD COMPLETION.  This means victory and honor!    Don’t you dare be discouraged!  Look at all the employees in your work, they’re all working for you now!  Look at the trees and all creation around you, they’re all working to make sure God’s overwhelmingly good purpose for you is accomplished.   The moment you trusted in the Lord, God, and His only Son, Jesus, The whole world has just been hired to work for your benefit.  The world is now employeed for blessing on your behalf.   Every time you trust in Jesus, God promises that all things will work for you because you work for HIM!  Just remember to keep Christ first and God promises He will remember to place everything under your feet in Christ!  So walk confidently, walk strong, and remember who everything in all creation is working for.   Walk in with and through Christ; Keep Him first place in your life, and everything will work beyond anything anyone could ever imagine for you because He loves you. :)  

Have a fabulous day!     

Speak "Palace Language."

Our lives are of the King's.  You are an heir now! Therefore, I challenge you to change your language starting today.  Instead of saying, for example:  "today I'm putting on my shabby shoes," say, "This day, I shall place on my Schuhe von Scheer foot wear."  : )  Why?  Because everything about you is now royalty,  the reality of this is Christ who bought you so now everything about you, everything that you wear, because of Christ in you becomes the best!   Instead of saying, "I'm going home now."  say, "Now, I will head to my palace."   What makes your house a palace?  You!   You are of the greatest value to God and know that wherever you are what ever you do, God has the BEST for your today!   God blessed you to ENHANCE ALL THAT WHICH YOU ARE AROUND, because of JESUS who lives in you!  Find out what the best products in the world are: watches, shoes, shirts, pants, and start adding them to your vocabulary.  Have you ever done that?  Find out what they are and change your language from typical to extraordinary; that is just what God is doing in and through you!   Learn about the BEST, BECAUSE YOU'RE WEARING THEM ALL RIGHT NOW!   You are the heir of the MOST HIGH GOD.   So learn to speak Palace language!

God bless you today! : )

These are Schuhe von Scheer shoes:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Take the Candle to the Light

You are the light of the world

In this life, each one of us has a light.  At the end of our lives, the question isn't about how bright we try to shine, but it's about how you used our light to light a candle.  did you light a candle.

We are like candles in this world.  A candle that can light another person's soul.  Only when another candle let's it's light shine amongst those closest to them is when a flame is ignited for many to see and we ALL shine brighter as we are meant to by one church when we bring light to someone else's life!  Think about the person or people you are closest to, and start lighting candles.  Let your light ignite someone to a rich and wonderful brightness today.  Speak life to people through the Word of God.  The word of God is the ultimate light that shines ever brightly in your heart.

"Take the candle to the light, and let it all shine down again!" 

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Church with NO Walls

Recently I saw a vision and I knew that was God confirming to me that he was going to do something with our ideas and now I'm seeing that God is doing something bigger and much better and even bigger than what i can dream or even imagine. And it is Visibly B.I.G.!

For years, I have been meeting people that have been so tired of the playing church and the everyday rigamarole and everyone is wanting something else; everyone is wanting to use their talents; i mean why do some people get a chance to use their talents and some people don't in the church building?  We ALL are meant to use our talents.  With today's structure it just doesn't make sense.  A church is meant to be people, therefore, a church without walls has all the potential to give everyone the platform (and really releases people) to use their talents and be the person that God is calling them to be.

People, families have been low on income and outcome, with limited ways in thinking how they can do something in many churches mostly because the a buildings only has so much copacity, and most people have sadly identified themself to the limited atmosphere and the environment between four walls.  But this is not the way it should be AT ALL!  So what if the chuch had no walls?  What if there were no boundaries?  What if the church really did belong to you?   What if you really were the church?  What if people simply met at your home and worshiped at people's homes.  What kind of community would we have on Sundays or any day for that matter? I'll tell you one thing:  Everyone would have a role.  We would no longer have to look on television to see the stars.  They would be right there in our homes! 

Question:  Have you have made an environment which discourages or encourages every person to be the church?

Prayer: Father, we confess that we have no been your church in the way that lets You work freely in.  We profess that people will now be given the privilege back to own the blessing.   It's time to be the church.

(Picture above is Chapel of Hope, Wonju Korea, a church that decided not to confirm to old traditional Korean methods of worship but to simply say, LORD God, what do You want to do through us?)  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bragging on my Sister: Tiffanie Wachira Love ya!

Welcome home and welcome to our House warming!
Pretend you just stepped into the largest most extravagant Welcome home party you've ever seen.
Waiters all around, punch glasses are full, and now we are about to give a speech for the woman of the hour:


HOUSE WARMING: My sister Tiffanie will be moving into a wonderful new apartment this August.

Let me brag on my sister!  My sister, Tiffanie, as you know, has been battling diabetes for over 15 years now, since she was a child, and I have stood watching and seeing this strong woman of God fight in praise so valiantly in every way!  Even when she lost the ability to walk, she has NOT lost the ability to laugh, and I can't say how much I am proud of my sister!  Now I see an opportunity that is not equivalent but a way to give back and be a blessing.  

Recently, my sister has been approved to stay in a new apartment in Toledo, Ohio, near my parents' home in August, but she will be in need of the best furnishing money can buy, because I want her to have the kind of place, even Donald Trump wouldn't want to leave the house because it is so comfortable and loaded with all she wants!  Show her some love yall!  :D

I am not asking for only your gifts, and financial donations, but I am thankful for all of your most powerful prayers and love you have shown to all us children throughout the years.  Now let's give a great applause for the victor!  My sister!  I want yall to show my sister so much love that this will be remembered for generations to come in our incredible family.  

God bless you and I hope to see you in the States really soon!

If you have any encouraging stories, I'd love to hear them!  Email me!  


Monday, July 23, 2012

All Of Your Dreams Are Waiting For You In A Land Called Obedience.

There are dreams and prayers we all have.  Sometimes we wonder why some dreams seem to be held from us.  Well, they are not held from us, but they are waiting for us.  There is a land called "Obedience" and as long as you stay in another area they won't be seen.  Walk towards "Obedience" today.  How?  Be honest to God. Be very very open and very very honest to God who has so much love who was open and honest to you first.  Jesus revealed God's honesty to us on the cross on Calvary.  The road to the land of obedience is called "Open" and "Honest".  Because when you are open and honest with God He will guide you as His words reads, Do not have anxiety about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with giving thanks, make your want known to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding with protect your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus  Philippians 4:6,7.

Praying that all your dreams come true in the place of Obedience today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Give To God Your Tuesday in the HIGHEST!

Glory to God in the Highest!  Luke 2:14.  I would like to celebrate and give much thanks for my blog's: over 7,000 views.  This is wonderful to me because I know God is using this blog to strengthen, encourage, and challenge people all over the world to give God praise!

Now, Today is Tuesday, and I don't know where you may be located right now, but I do know this:  Each one of us has the opportunity and the chance to give to God the Highest of praise!   For no reason except the one that matters most: God deserves the Highest praise!  I dare you and encourage you to stop whatever you're doing and just give to God your Tuesday in the Highest!  Give to God your work in the Highest!  Give to God your heart in the Highest! I see people all around the world worshiping the King, Jesus who is King of All kings and Lord of All lords.  Name above all names!  Jesus!  We give to you Oh God, Our Tuesday in the Highest!  
This isn't just an excitement thing.  This is a new moving.  You're Tuesdays will never be the same again, I speak a powerful Tuesday from now on in your life. In Jesus' name Amen.  

Now have a terrific abundant and filled day in Jesus' name :)   

Thursday, July 12, 2012

God Doesn't Make Low Quality Days

God doesn't make any low quality days.  He only makes the best of quality, higher than the highest we can think of as high quality.   Every day is full of high quality by His standards.  This is beyond are imaginations, but we can also fully enter into this high quality day as well.  Knowing all the days God makes is High Quality, David once said, "This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!"  Psalm 118:24.  Another translation says of rejoice "be full of joy".  How do we enter into a high quality day?  We alert every fabric of our being and we tell them to be full of joy!  A high quality person is demonstrated here.  The day is already high quality from sunup to sundown, in EVERY way because the LORD hath made it!   Now ALL we have to do to take part in it is Rejoice and be glad.  A high quality person is one who rejoices!  Who is content with content and is glad with being glad.

You are a high quality person!  I want you to think about this:  God is good!  I used to think that God was good, but only in a way that I thought felt bad, so I tricked myself to believe only bad hurtful or painful experiences were the "good" God was making me "worthy" to experience.  But this is far from what God has in mind for His people.  The Bible says, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart fully imagine what good God has in store for His people."  Yall, God is good, but here is the thing:  Think of the highest, most, best, spectacular good you could ever think of for a person, don't hold back!  Think of perhaps your best friend, or maybe a family member you love or your family?  The highest more greatest good that we could ever think of or imagine for that person doesn't even match like a drop of water in the ocean.  I want you to know that it includes all that but so much more!  We think that since the Bible says, "my ways are not your ways."  that God doesn't want to give us the things that he consider to be good things,  Wrong!  He placed in our hearts in the first place our dreams.  Let me tell you something:  God made goodness.  We all know what goodness is.  We know it from when we were born, all those things that make us genuinely smile are good things.  God wants us to genuinely smile and EVERY DAY.   He's has given us EVERYTHING.    It is up to us to receive them by faith.   God is good yall. Think of the good we know of and let me tell you, it's only so far greater, so, so much greater!  It is unimaginable, but I want you to know that the feelings you feel when you experience the good life is great and so small in comparison to how good God is!  It is all that and then much more!  All that to say this:  You can trust God!  You can be happy in Him!   You can rest in Him!   He can give you peace!   He can give you joy!  He can arrest your worry!  He can bring you to life again!  He can restore your soul!  He can refresh your spirit!  He can give you great contentment, right now!   This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us be full of joy and be glad in it!

Be blessed today!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Visual Mapping

Visual Map - Over a year ago I didn't know what I wanted to do and I was encouraged to make a 
visual map of pictures that would help me to have vision for my life in the next years. Here's pictures gathered, and today I see, it's pretty accurate. :) Thankful for the encouragement to make it.  

I would encourage you, all that God has given you is there inside you right now.  Take the time to visualize the things you want out of life.  Don't me shy.  Trust what God has given you inside.   No one else can tell you, it has to come from you.   

Praying God's great and mighty blessings over your life today.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I died so that I could put an eternal smile on your face :)

Don't you dare live in one moment in sorrow.  Blood was shed for you to enjoy. That's Right!  Enjoy your life to the fullest!  God, Jesus died on a cross so that he could put a smile on your face.  God wants you to smile forever!  If you're going to have an eternal smile, you need to surrender your life to God today.  Give Him your life.  He promises joy, peace, and complete enjoyment of your life.   I know preachers these days say, "oh no, when u give your life to Christ everything's not peachy keen so don't expect bubbly glitter feelings" WRONG!   I'm saying EXPECT IT!  Expect the joy that over takes the world!  Expect a song that will shake the foundations of this world!  Expect a laugh that will make the enemy weep in silence!   Expect  a song that will unite and encourage a nation of one!   Expect it!  Smile!  You have full permission to smile!  Take on Christ.  His yoke is easy, and his burden is light.   His blood was shed for you to put a smile on your face, have glittery feelings, and DON'T YOU DARE feel bad about it!   Jesus died for you! And behold, HE IS RISEN!  Now don't you dare stop rejoicing!!!  CHRIST IS RISEN!

Have a blessed day! :)


There is a time in love and support that we behave solemnly, in everything we have the full permission to be advocators of a comfort sustaining and remaining and maintaining and so constant that it is only recognized as godly and it's for everyone who opens their hearts to His love in full surrender Today!
LORD, We open our heart to You today! :)  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Luscious Green Leaves

Today I was running and as I was moving up the hill I was trying to catch one yellow leaf that fell right in front of me but I missed it; then a second yellow leaf fell and I missed it.  Then I looked and next to me were tree after trees full of luscious green leaves and I took after one and in my hand I caught two luscious green leaves. 

It was symbolic for me.  I have hit a turning point in my life.  It was my Birthday and I was amazed thinking: Wow!  I never dreamed that I would be here in Korea blessed out of all my imagination.  God took away all my immediate debts!  He not just restored my soul but made me powerful in Him!  He caused me to be a source of blessing for so many people via online and in person.  I'm trying to catch up with all the amazing things He is saying to me

In this event, I believe God is saying perhaps many of us were like me; I had been trying to catch falling yellow leaves when God has only luscious green leaves for each and every one of us. Notice the ONLY,  God doesn't do second best.  God didn't say you would be the neck, but YOU WILL BE THE HEAD.  God is saying go after the luscious green leaves! I have ONLY luscious green leaves for you; Why be ashamed of that?  Don't be ashamed of God's best for you!   Don’t go after the leaves destined for the floor because God is saying: I have only luscious green leaves for your future! Jeremiah 29:11 Hallelujah.  God said turn around; Look and see how far you have traveled; Today you have taken a new course and you will never see that road behind you again. This is an exodus only you have a direct flight into the promise land!  You're coming out with great riches and you will never see this road behind you again! 

God said:  The doors I have shut behind you no man can ever open again.   And the doors that I have opened: the good and great unimaginably blessed doors that you have walked through: no man can ever shut them.   

Thank you God today for the luscious green leaves you have given to us in our life!  
Remember, Walk in obedience.  Repentance is your only safety