Friday, July 27, 2012

A Church with NO Walls

Recently I saw a vision and I knew that was God confirming to me that he was going to do something with our ideas and now I'm seeing that God is doing something bigger and much better and even bigger than what i can dream or even imagine. And it is Visibly B.I.G.!

For years, I have been meeting people that have been so tired of the playing church and the everyday rigamarole and everyone is wanting something else; everyone is wanting to use their talents; i mean why do some people get a chance to use their talents and some people don't in the church building?  We ALL are meant to use our talents.  With today's structure it just doesn't make sense.  A church is meant to be people, therefore, a church without walls has all the potential to give everyone the platform (and really releases people) to use their talents and be the person that God is calling them to be.

People, families have been low on income and outcome, with limited ways in thinking how they can do something in many churches mostly because the a buildings only has so much copacity, and most people have sadly identified themself to the limited atmosphere and the environment between four walls.  But this is not the way it should be AT ALL!  So what if the chuch had no walls?  What if there were no boundaries?  What if the church really did belong to you?   What if you really were the church?  What if people simply met at your home and worshiped at people's homes.  What kind of community would we have on Sundays or any day for that matter? I'll tell you one thing:  Everyone would have a role.  We would no longer have to look on television to see the stars.  They would be right there in our homes! 

Question:  Have you have made an environment which discourages or encourages every person to be the church?

Prayer: Father, we confess that we have no been your church in the way that lets You work freely in.  We profess that people will now be given the privilege back to own the blessing.   It's time to be the church.

(Picture above is Chapel of Hope, Wonju Korea, a church that decided not to confirm to old traditional Korean methods of worship but to simply say, LORD God, what do You want to do through us?)  

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