Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bragging on my Sister: Tiffanie Wachira Love ya!

Welcome home and welcome to our House warming!
Pretend you just stepped into the largest most extravagant Welcome home party you've ever seen.
Waiters all around, punch glasses are full, and now we are about to give a speech for the woman of the hour:


HOUSE WARMING: My sister Tiffanie will be moving into a wonderful new apartment this August.

Let me brag on my sister!  My sister, Tiffanie, as you know, has been battling diabetes for over 15 years now, since she was a child, and I have stood watching and seeing this strong woman of God fight in praise so valiantly in every way!  Even when she lost the ability to walk, she has NOT lost the ability to laugh, and I can't say how much I am proud of my sister!  Now I see an opportunity that is not equivalent but a way to give back and be a blessing.  

Recently, my sister has been approved to stay in a new apartment in Toledo, Ohio, near my parents' home in August, but she will be in need of the best furnishing money can buy, because I want her to have the kind of place, even Donald Trump wouldn't want to leave the house because it is so comfortable and loaded with all she wants!  Show her some love yall!  :D

I am not asking for only your gifts, and financial donations, but I am thankful for all of your most powerful prayers and love you have shown to all us children throughout the years.  Now let's give a great applause for the victor!  My sister!  I want yall to show my sister so much love that this will be remembered for generations to come in our incredible family.  

God bless you and I hope to see you in the States really soon!

If you have any encouraging stories, I'd love to hear them!  Email me!  


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