Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I died so that I could put an eternal smile on your face :)

Don't you dare live in one moment in sorrow.  Blood was shed for you to enjoy. That's Right!  Enjoy your life to the fullest!  God, Jesus died on a cross so that he could put a smile on your face.  God wants you to smile forever!  If you're going to have an eternal smile, you need to surrender your life to God today.  Give Him your life.  He promises joy, peace, and complete enjoyment of your life.   I know preachers these days say, "oh no, when u give your life to Christ everything's not peachy keen so don't expect bubbly glitter feelings" WRONG!   I'm saying EXPECT IT!  Expect the joy that over takes the world!  Expect a song that will shake the foundations of this world!  Expect a laugh that will make the enemy weep in silence!   Expect  a song that will unite and encourage a nation of one!   Expect it!  Smile!  You have full permission to smile!  Take on Christ.  His yoke is easy, and his burden is light.   His blood was shed for you to put a smile on your face, have glittery feelings, and DON'T YOU DARE feel bad about it!   Jesus died for you! And behold, HE IS RISEN!  Now don't you dare stop rejoicing!!!  CHRIST IS RISEN!

Have a blessed day! :)


There is a time in love and support that we behave solemnly, in everything we have the full permission to be advocators of a comfort sustaining and remaining and maintaining and so constant that it is only recognized as godly and it's for everyone who opens their hearts to His love in full surrender Today!
LORD, We open our heart to You today! :)  

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