Monday, July 30, 2012

Speak "Palace Language."

Our lives are of the King's.  You are an heir now! Therefore, I challenge you to change your language starting today.  Instead of saying, for example:  "today I'm putting on my shabby shoes," say, "This day, I shall place on my Schuhe von Scheer foot wear."  : )  Why?  Because everything about you is now royalty,  the reality of this is Christ who bought you so now everything about you, everything that you wear, because of Christ in you becomes the best!   Instead of saying, "I'm going home now."  say, "Now, I will head to my palace."   What makes your house a palace?  You!   You are of the greatest value to God and know that wherever you are what ever you do, God has the BEST for your today!   God blessed you to ENHANCE ALL THAT WHICH YOU ARE AROUND, because of JESUS who lives in you!  Find out what the best products in the world are: watches, shoes, shirts, pants, and start adding them to your vocabulary.  Have you ever done that?  Find out what they are and change your language from typical to extraordinary; that is just what God is doing in and through you!   Learn about the BEST, BECAUSE YOU'RE WEARING THEM ALL RIGHT NOW!   You are the heir of the MOST HIGH GOD.   So learn to speak Palace language!

God bless you today! : )

These are Schuhe von Scheer shoes:

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