Monday, July 30, 2012

The whole world has been hired to work for you now! (Romans 8:28) So what are you telling it?

The moment you decided to trust in the LORD, the world and all creation has just been hired to work for your behalf. Remember who you working and know that God is working everything for you! Romans 8:28 Cause God knows that He chose YOU for the job and He will make sure that all works to GOOD COMPLETION.  This means victory and honor!    Don’t you dare be discouraged!  Look at all the employees in your work, they’re all working for you now!  Look at the trees and all creation around you, they’re all working to make sure God’s overwhelmingly good purpose for you is accomplished.   The moment you trusted in the Lord, God, and His only Son, Jesus, The whole world has just been hired to work for your benefit.  The world is now employeed for blessing on your behalf.   Every time you trust in Jesus, God promises that all things will work for you because you work for HIM!  Just remember to keep Christ first and God promises He will remember to place everything under your feet in Christ!  So walk confidently, walk strong, and remember who everything in all creation is working for.   Walk in with and through Christ; Keep Him first place in your life, and everything will work beyond anything anyone could ever imagine for you because He loves you. :)  

Have a fabulous day!     

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