Wednesday, August 15, 2012

God's Favor for Us

We are now entering into a new era.  As I sit here and lounge in the area first known to me as "first class" before my flight to the USA, I think about who we are as God's children.  As I walk around I hesitated at first to walk in sections as if to think "wow, is this really for me?"  Then I realized two things:  1.  This all is for me:   The gourmet sandwiches, hot spice chicken leg with ginseng, raw salmon, shrimp, and gourmet green tea ice cream dessert.  Then I walk and see the other sections, and I realize 2.  I am free to move.  I am free to take a sandwich.  I am free to sit where I please.  I am free to read a news paper if I like.  I am free and give space to roam.   This is what God is telling us.  We are free.  We can move.  God has given us space; all the space needed.  What a good and awesome God we serve!   No more looking around thinking "is this ok?  is that ok?"  No more looking for approval to see if others agree or making sure I am safe to take chips from the counter.  This is what God is telling me these days.  Just like my name, Jermiah had to feel free to speak and say what in his heart God was telling him.  This First Class Lounge is a significant simbol of our call,  we are called to "First Class"  to move and speak what our Loving Heavenly Father has bestowed on our hearts.   Some other observations are: I notice people simply place their items where they please because there is not a thief who desires to take belongings in site.  The atmosphere is quiet and filled with a resonance of nobility.  People who know what they are worth.  Everything about the environment resembles this, and you would be a fool to anything lower than nobility.   You can feel the nobility and it lifts you higher, and you realize, This is God's Favor.  Praise God!  I am now entering into a new form of thinking.  This is where I belong.  Favor.  God's Favor.  God's telling us:  Accept it.  Accept all my favor! Accept every part of it.  It's yours from Me.     Amen, LORD.  I receive it.   

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