Friday, August 10, 2012

How Much Something Are You Supposed to be Doing?

We all have dreams, and we all want to get them done!  So what is the difference between already done and have to do?   Where do the two meet?  We of faith know that much of all that is mostly important is already done!  Yet we know that we have dreams.  And we are often discontented wondering when they will come to light.  We all know that we have dreams for a reason.  Every single one of them, I believe,  we have them to come into fruition.  Fruition has a hint of "fruitfulness"  in it:  To Bear Fruit!  But there are two tuggings most likely on our heart of dreams:  1. Wait   and 2.  Get it done!  So where do these two meet?  Which is the right step to take?  

Look at these very familiar quotes:  Get it done!  Just do it!  Get to it!  Get to work!  Now is the time! Turn your dreams into reality! Make it happen!  Carpe deim!  The time is now!  Right here, right now!  No time like the present!  Just do something! (etc..)  

Now see these very familiar quotes (mostly spiritual):  Patience is a virtue. Take your time.  Just let it happen. Good things come to those who wait.  You shouldn't hurry a masterpiece. Wait upon the Lord. Take your time with it.  Seek first His Kingdom and his righteousness.   There's no rush.  Weight upon the Lord. Fix your eyes upon Jesus.  Do not place anything above the Lord.  

The answer to this is not clear on purpose as to which way you should choose at which time when you're waiting on your dream.  Some would say it is a combination of the two that we should lean upon.  My advice is this:  Let prayer fuel your drive in all of this.  You have dreams?  Fuel them with prayers.  Pray for God to open up opportunities, for help to sharpen your skills i.e. talents, to strengthen your vision, for doors in which you can really use your talents to open, for the dream to come into light!  In the meantime Accept that now is the time, and instead of focusing on the VERY huge picture (Because God's plan for you is beyond extremely amazing for you!), just focus on what you can do right now.  AND HAVE FUN!  Smell the roses all along the way!  The truth is if you are smelling the roses then you are already where you want to be and you will be satisfied all along the way.  Don't trap yourself into thinking that because you are not somewhere else that you are not where you need to be.  Convince yourself that this is exactly where you need to be and that you are rich NOW!  You are completely full NOW!  You are completely content NOW!  Think of so many things God has done and is doing for you RIGHT NOW!  Praise Him for it!   Let your dreams come out of THAT heart!  Not out of discontentment.  People don't want to see a successful person who is discontented perform about "high hopes".   Also, we are creatures of habit.  So if we are practicing being content in our dreams, we will find more contentment in our lives.  But if we are practicing harboring an attitude of discontentment;  no matter what we have, because they habit is what is fueling us, we will continue is this and sadly, not be content with any physical thing in our lives.   Therefore we must practice a new attitude in Christ.  Most movie stars have this one down right!  That's what people want to see!  They want to see a person who is content with life!  So whatever their lives our like, they show on the talk shows what sells, an amazingly content person.  Wow!  People are amazed and want to follow the person's life wherever they go!  Why?  Because they're content.   It's all the snap shot we dream of!  So guess what?  That's being said, realize this:  You're dreams are true now!  Live in them now!  This is it!  This is the time!  Live there now in that, and Before you know it, you'll have all the things you dreamed of, but here's the thing:  With the new found attitude you had already accepted, by the time you have all those things you've ever wanted and had always dreamed of, by the time they all come into fruition, you'll realize what the real treasure really is;  you'll find yourself ready to give up up and all away all those things because you realized that all your dreams came true the moment your attitude changed and you accepted that now is your dream come true!  The only something you need to do is realize that NOW you are living the dream!  Smile and thank Him for a special day!  This is YOUR special day!  God made this day for you and you were made for God's glory! Make it a great one!  Shine and.. 

Have a nice day!  

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