Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am a Leader JUST AS I AM!

This is my repentance topic.
I used to believe that I needed to look like someone else.  That I needed to talk like someone else.  That I needed to smile like somebody else.  But now I repent!  And I realize that I was made, just as I am, to be a leader just as I am!  Just as I am, I am a leader and I am impacting this world for Christ, JUST AS I AM.  We are impacting the world, Just As We Are.  This is true love impacting the world; when we decide to let go of our trying!  When we release, let go, and let God let us be the comfortable leaders we have always meant to be. We are leaders just was we are.  We don't have to try and be something we are not.  Even in our mistakes and our flaws.  Here is a challenge for you.  Find humor in your flaws; are you forgetful?  Absentminded?  Have a healthy laugh over it.  If you need help, look at comedians or even honorable movie stars who learned to find humor in their imperfections;  people like Will Smith who always joked about his ears.  Or Jackie Chan who made many light jokes about his speaking or his accent. Find humor in our differences, believe it or not, they might be the very grace that people admire you for.  Turn off the criticism and turn your imperfections into reasons of admiration.  Get out of the side of people trying to measure up, and get on the side of people who made measureless their value; who have learned to accept themselves in the healthiest of way.  People who know who they are and say "that's ok. God's going to use all that to change millions or even hundreds of millions of people's lives through it."   Perhaps we could say that Jesus trusted too much because he trusted and loved Judas.  Many of us are afraid to "love too much" or "be worry-free too much"  or  "bless others too much", we are afraid people might see us as flawed or naive;  but Trust in the Lord, though it may be foolishness to this world, God will show the foolish things of this world to be works of majesty in our eyes; the things we often saw as flawed, it is often that very thing that will catapult  you to a level everyone will remember you by because through it everyone will be more blessed.  Let Go today and let God let you be all of the leader God has for you to be.  And remember to smile and remember to bust in song when you think of all God done for you, just the way you are! :)   

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