Monday, August 6, 2012

Repentance for This Generation means: EXPRESSING JOY!

Repentance for most of us is a bad thing, but what has happened of recent days is that lies of inferiority and deception as children of God has come into our lives. We think we are supposed to be gloomy.  We think that since our lives are so good we should not recognize that God is good all the time in our lives.  That we should just show people how sad and serious we are, and then people will come to know about Jesus.  It is going in the wrong direction, and so repentance is a total 180 degrees from that kind of life.  
Some people ought to change their mourning into dancing, change their frowns into smiles, trade their tears of sadness into tears of uncontrollable joy!   Repentance for many of us will mean to smile and to accept others in our lives.  Repentance might mean to express joy and love in our lives from our hearts all the time.   
Life in Christ is not a sad condemning life style, but it is a joyful, happy and giving life style , even at times where it seems we should be the other way.  It’s not fake; we praise and God gives us unexplicable joy, and that joy turns into power, and that power motivates us to love.  

Psalm 23
Ephesians 3:23
2 Chronicles 2:17

Remember: If you are NOT  where you want to be in your life, repent, and God PROMISES he will take you not only to where you want to be, but he promises over and beyond your wildest dreams, far beyond you ever dreamed you would be.   AND GUESS WHAT?? YOU ARE ALREADY THERE!   

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