Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stop Working, And Help Someone :)

What is a job?   A job is something we do to help other people.  But many times we find that we are just working, yet at the same time feeling like we are not really helping others.  How is this so?

Today I had a very special and informative conversation with a woman who spoke about her passion.  She said, "I just don't see what I'm doing now as important!"  She continued, "I want to go back to my job where I was actually helping people!"   This was a very amazing, and yet crucial and important comment!   What did she mean by this?

Every person has (and has been born with) their passion; their dream job.  It's written on our hearts just like a finger print.  Did you know that if you are not doing what you have always been born to do (what you know you have been called to do), you will always feel like no matter what other profession you are in, that you are not ACTUALLY HELPING SOMEONE.  Wow!

I turned to mention to her in response, "One person will say, 'I really want to help someone! And to that person that means 'I want to be a police officer.'  Another person will say, 'I really want to help someone!'  And to that person, they may be saying, 'I want to help people really appreciate a beautiful piece of classical music'   And another person would say, etc..."  

I want you to know this:  You can't get away from being amazing!!  You Are Amazing!!!   You have everything and all the "Youness"  God gave you to bless this world with God's great love, higher than uplifting genius!  What is most important is this:  Look inside you, and then just start helping people now!  While doing this, you will find that you will not need to find your dream job, because you already have.  You have found it, and it has found you!  Because you are your dream job (it will take books to explain what is meant here; I hope you caught it). See yourself doing what you love and have always longed for to bless others and Say to yourself: I feel that I am not only helping someone but I am apart of something VERY wonderful.  

You will be!  And now you are!

Have an extremely blessed day!  

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