Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make Room For Me and I Will Fill It!

 To be successful, what successful people do is look at someone successful, see what they are doing, and do what they have been doing.  It's really that simple.  But in this world, few prime role models can be found.  What is God's definition of men/women who are successful?  Look into the Bible; if you want many possessions, then look at the lives of people in the Bible who are godly with many posessions.  If you want a more simpler life, then look at the people in the Bible who really had a much more powerful yet materially simplistic lifestyle.  Both groups were greatly empowered to have the lives that they have, and they all greatly impacted Billions.  These are God's top examples in the Bible.  He has more today as well!  Look for godly men and women today whom God has caused to touch this world.   See what they are doing and do what they are doing in wisdom of course (you yourself are unique to God and thus have a very unique ministry around you by you). Therefore, give to God the one thing:  Your prayer life.  Ask God what one thing you're not giving up that you may give up to Him so He can release all the blessings to impact this world.  This is what He has for you and every person with whom you are in contact with. 

In order for God to work in our life, we have to make room for Him!  Make room in our hearts:  This is key;  we need a heart operation done.  Remember: Everything we have in our lives is there due to our heart condition; our posessions, the quality of our relationships, the money we have, EVERYTHING! For God said that "Out of these things flow from the wellspring of our hearts!"  Therefore if there is anything that we are praying or truly longing for in our hearts; it is due to a heart problem, something that not God has withheld from us; but rather there is something you have always been withholding from God in your heart.  Give up to God today that which you have been always holding on to and God promises that He will fill it!   Trust in the Lord today and He will give you more than the best which is beyond our imagination or comprehension!  Pray to God.  Ask Him "Please search my heart!"  But be willing to Give to God space; then you will see God work in incredible ways in your life.   Give up space in your heart!  Give it up! 

Step out in faith today!  Give up to God one thing, so that he may fill it today! 

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