Monday, September 3, 2012

How to be productive in your Circle of Influence

How to be productive in your Circle of Influence

Here’s the Key:   Keep in mind, if you have one or two close friends in your life, you are extremely at an advantage!   It is hard to talk to some friends.  Why?  Because they’re not really your friends.  The people who are your close friends are those whom you can speak faith into their lives easily and they can speak faith into you. Anybody else is a waste of your time and I would advise you not go out of your way to try and “man handle” them so that you “keep them in your circle of friends”.  You are at no deficit of friends.  The biggest illusion can have is you are supposed to go out and make as many friends as possible with your life.  WRONG!  

The best friends you’re going to have in your life will come out of their observation of how you are treating your truest most dear one or two friends and how you are lifting them up!  Know who your truest friends are.   Remember:  Jesus said,  “Who is my family?  They are those who obey the word of God.”  Saying, those who will speak God’s words moved by God’s spirit are those who are your closest, most true circle of friends and family.  Remember:  People who simply know how to speak the word of God are not necessarily your closest friends, but those who speak faith into your life are those moved by God’s spirit to be a powerful source of encouragement in your day to day walk.  Walk around them.  

Other people: let me advise you:  Stay away on a personal level!  Each person is meant to be a friend to you in a certain level.  Do not place them above or below the level they should be in.  Mostly, you will have to sift friends and manipulators in your life.  Do it quickly and remember that you are never in a deficit of friends.  You are fashioned with more than enough. 

One more thing:  As you encourage and strengthen the friends whom are closest to you.  That is only when you have the platform and the encouragement to give encouragement to the circle of influence God has graciously given to you.  So don’t place the carriage before the horse.  Love those in your triangle of close friends, and you will encourage your massively growing circle of influence also.  

Note:  Think about your family.  You’re closest friends might be you, your wife, or your husband, and God.   

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