Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Billions And So Much More Store

I want to make a store called "The Billions and So Much More Store"
Like a 21st century sanction.  A Positive Goals' empowerment place and a place were people can go and rest.

Here's how it will work:  With three reliable references from work, school, etc..
And 50 dollars or however much a year.  Anyone 21 and up can be given the chance to have a place of sanction, a place were they can just go and have rest.  A familiar place of collective thought.

I know what you're thinking, "Well, isn't the church supposed to be that?"  Yes, it is.  No argument there.  But unfortunately, churches are no longer allowed to create an atmosphere of complete sanction due to theft and mass attraction, and an unfamiliar physical environment.   People can not go there to collect their thoughts during the week (unless the janitor's really nice and let's you in just to walk around for a couple of hours).  This is just not the reality for churches in today's age.

This is the environment:  Think of a home that is transformed and looks much like the picture you see; only
more comfortable, not with a lot (if any) multimedia.  Perhaps classical music (or silence), and areas to read, but not like a library;  here YOU take ownership and here you can really take a break from society, which we all need moderately at some time.  it is all for the purpose of gathering peace: Your Peace.   You can sit and just relax, read a book,
or meditate (sit, be still, think); but this isn't a passive or non-active place...No!  This is a place for goal setting!  This is a place for rejuvenated rest in your mind, soul, spirit and beyond!   (note: I wanted to call this place Billions and Beyond, but sounds too closely to "Bed Bath and Beyond" hehe) This is a place for visually charging up!   A place were reset, relocate or recharge your vision for your life.  You can regather and/or strengthen your goals and vision daily or weekly here.  This is just a start;  the goal is that you gather what you have learned or the practice you gained here for when you get out and go to the places you will be.  Before you go, there will be a paper and pen for you to write down what you gained and your vision to take it with you as you leave every time.  Research for teaching shows that the more you write down your goals, the more clear they will become for you in your life.  So write it down peoples!   Where do you see yourself in the next five, ten, fifteen years?  Write it down!

This is an armory room designed for the soul purpose of armoring up, igniting ALL that you
have inside you.   Only you can do it, and this place makes it ok, recognizable, honorable, and easier for you to do.  Even for people who pass by, it will be a reminder, because this room, house, building.. is not designed to confine are dream within it, but rather to ignite the flame inside, to trigger people to take what they form positively inside, into what is outside of this building.

What a room this will be!  

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