Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treat Your Commitments LIke a Relationship and Your Relationships Like a Commitment!

Many people misunderstand the fact that our commitments, our jobs, our promises, our connections are desperately connected and linked to people, the closest people in our lives.  I've heard it said, (many times I've heard this from myself) "Oh, if I'm a little late, it's ok!"  or "If I don't give them great quality in this, it's no sweat off my shoulder."  That may be true, but what we miss is:

"Every commitment we make is deeply linked to the quality of relationships we want to have."   I can't tell you how many times I missed this.   It may be obvious that when we don't meet a certain number of commitments, that it will effect our relationships, but I agrue that many people do not see the tasks themselves as relationships.  Or even see your commitments themselves as a person!  This helps me!   When I see the task I'm actually doing as a person and not just something I need to get down, I tend to take it more seriously.  I'm discovering that our jobs are not simply jobs, they are linked to what God wants for us and what God wants for us to have in abundance:  deep, of highest quality, and long lasting,  coworking relationships, some of which can lead to a marriage, or a business partnership, or even foundations and fundraisers to help people who need our help.  I've come to this conclusion: Every commitment is to be treated like a person.  With that being said, think about all the people today you will treated so well!   We tend to miss the fact that people and purpose are deeply related and desperately linked to all the commitments we make.   You wouldn't hurt a person!  Then remember to carefully lookover your commitments.  A commitment is not about you, it's not about them, it's about God's purpose through it.  we need to pray to be good stewards of the things we've made commitments to.   Lord, help us to be good stewards of every commitment we make.  Give us wisdom to make good practical decisions and not carry on too many commitments so that we can be a blessing to those that are most important in every area of our lives.  

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