Saturday, September 22, 2012

You Dig...I Build

During a time when everybody around you is building, it seems counterproductive to be digging! But I have a contract from a contractor that said, "Dig for me a foundation, and I'll fill it!"   

God is saying,  "Work on yourself..being the best person you can be...learning from yourself and reconnecting, nurturing and caring for the relationships I have placed in your life, and I will do all the growing."  

God is saying, "Make space in your hearts, stopping setting goals to do things that do not have me in mind, search your hearts and have taken out the things that would not give me 100% glory."    In practical terms, if God says, "you will be successful in this"  Make room, narrow down your commitments to those things in your life God is blessing.  The best practice is to rid yourself of things physically (perhaps from your apartment, room, car, etc...) from your past or present that just seem to be literally collecting space and not launching you to spring forward!  You'll be amazed at how many of us are distracted just because our territories are literally filled with clutter, and the physical items, because we are hoarding them, they take up literal space in our minds.  We need to release them!  We hold on to those things because we are hoping for those things to somehow come back.  But just think about it!  If we are holding on to things from before that did not work before, than what is it that we are saying that God can do with very things that we have!   Let Them Go!  Make room and God will fill it with the new and wonderful things He wants to do in your life.  

Many people stay in the same pointless routines from day to day, because a they are procrastinating, they are neglecting their own legacies, or they are just being lazy, but God is saying, "make room for me and I  will fill up with my wonders beyond what you've every dreamed!"  Mostly people are doing these routines because in their minds there is so much mess, and it's not really a mess, It is usually just items representing failed human hopes that were never meant to be a catalyst, but a stepping stone, now get the stones in your life that are only going to contribute significantly to your future, and get rid of anything else!  Know your treasure and keep them always in view!  Do something though with your trophies!   Listen, a house that is full of millions of your trophies your trophies is useless.  Say, "I'm thankful for all these trophies..but I need to be able to see to get to the next room!"  A pile of disorganized trophies is still a mess!  Attend to the messes in your life.  Make the room!  Get rid of the heavy weights!   Ask God for the help, He will come in like a flood!  That's a promise!   (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Get the clutter out of your foundation, and start digging!  God will fill it!   

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