Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Curing Procrastination: A little Restraint Goes a Long Way :)

Do not spoil yourself.  From time to time, hold back a reward.  "Hold back a Reward, Escalate a Goal"  

If you are a procrastinator try this:  Hold back something you enjoy.  I personally like viewing Facebook from time to time, especially when I have other things to do.  It had the potential to feed my procrastination better than any other.  These days I use this to motivate me to finish something of far greater importance to my agenda.  You may think about food;  Tell yourself: "Once I finish this, I'll go to this restaurant and get that ice cream sundae I always love."   But, instead of doing whatever you feel like doing, withhold some things, I promise you, they will taste sweeter once you finish the job you were meant to do.  

Have a great day!  


Monday, October 29, 2012

A Million-Dollar-Walk : )

Have You Taken Your Million Dollar Walk Yet Today?

A million dollar walk is a walk that will usually take about 10 minutes of the day, but the rewards are priceless.   It's a time to take out of the day to walk and chat.   Walk and pray to God.  Think about your hopes and dreams.  Tell God what's going on in your life.  Let God tell you what's going on in your life.   God is never silent in your life.  He is always working.  It's up to us to calm down and take time for God.  Sometimes we don't hear because our day is too loud!  Time to take time, listen, and hear God is speaking loud and clear!  God is not vague.  Never!  God is the God of order (See Genesis 1 and 2).

As mentioned earlier, this walk is called a "Million Dollar Walk" because a million dollars could never be enough for what those 7 to 10 minutes are worth each day.   Talk to God today.  Tell your hopes and your dreams. God is eager to give you everything.   That promise didn't come from me :)  (Ephesians 1:3).

Have a Grand Day!  

The Technology of God's Word

The cost and complexity of safety is great.  That is why we have God's word.  Did you know there are satellites  surveillance's  etc...twenty four seven vigilant observing the nations and assuring our safety?   But before satellites in space and surveillance devices were ever created by man, God created and sustained and provided extreme and complete safety by the technology of God's Word.  And though when observed the creation is extremely complex, how it works is really, really simple.  God says, and It's so!   Let's talk  about the power of God's word (though we will not even get somewhere close to how powerful)

The Technology of God's Word is immense.  It proves itself over and over.  It can not be stopped and it is the highest.  It is ever growing, most powerful, limitless, unending  ...ness man can and will ever experience.  We were created by it.  There is no technology Higher.   It's grace reaches to your children, and affects moves and impacts even your children's children's children.   It has power and the only power to give life and take away.  It creates.  It builds.  It grows.  It forms.  It has made all things.  So we only see but a mire fragment or a glimpse of it's power by the things that we can see today.   The Word of God is like God Himself because it stands for everything God is.   It is also protection.   The technology of God's Word assures more power and safety for a nation than all of technology humanity could ever try to form.  It created time.  I dare any nation to put God's word to the test!   Do as His word says and see the force of the technology of God Words in you and around you.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faster and Cheaper Or Slower and Better

Many people these days are choosing to do things faster and cheaper in  response to slower and better.  Take conversation for example, Jesus invites us to a more slow version of speech and conversation.  Conversation about us and who we are doesn't take travel, but it goes a long way!

Many of us almost forgot what it's like to talk,...really talk to our friends.  I call it sit-down-talk.  We are too used to consumer talk that we almost fooled ourselves into thinking we don't have time for each other.  It can be easy expressing thoughts, presentation, our plugs, and especially catch phrases, which are ok and often fun; but if we are not careful we can lose the sweetness of fresh slow and better conversation.  We often lose touch of sitting at the table with Jesus, with our loved ones.

I want to challenge you to do something today:  Sit down with one member of your family..maybe your mom..maybe your dad...maybe one of your sisters and brothers.  Take them out to eat.  just one of them at a time..and learn about them...it might seem foreign at first, but a little slow conversation will go a long way!

Just you see : )  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Do Things That Will Invite Jesus In.

The most common illusion is that we all have time.  We do not have time to "get it right".  One moment is like an eternity to God.  (Psalm 90:4) So pay careful value to each day as it counts for thousands of years. 
Another common illusion is that we overly need or do not need any advice.   Listen: There comes a time in a man's life when he can no longer come to his earthly daddy for advice.  There came a time in David's life where he had to find is confidence, his strength, and his ultimate direction from the LORD. (1 Samuel 30:6)  Notice from then on, David knew where his help comes from. (Psalm 121:1,2) 
Let us pray we may not focus on the things to stay away from, but rather let us focus on that which brings us closer to Jesus.  (James 4:8)

Let's pray together,we may do the things that invite Jesus deeper and deeper into our lives. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Early Morning Sun Story

The Sun rises and smiles at people every early morning.

He's looking around to greet all who are up.

When he sees them he reminds them of their dreams.  "Your dreams are as bright as me!"

He tells people about the day with a smile.  He likes making his friends smile :)

He likes to have conversations with you about how beautiful the earth is.

But when it's 12pm the Sun is a little occupied, really high in the sky shining light.

For those up at 12pm they see the Sun, but he's too far up to have a conversation.

Those who wake up at 12 don't really know the sun

It makes the sun sad that he can't get to know those like the others.

Every morning, he hopes that someday he can meet those people.

And take a walk sometime..

He has so much to show whats for them...

In the early morning.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Don't forget to Give Yourself an A+

"At the end of the day, don't forget to give yourself an A!" 
I know sometimes we get hard on ourselves.   We sometimes hold ourselves, by default, to a standard of maybe our job, or our school, or our family, or our church...but we must remember:  When we die, none of these standards count when we die.   Remember, because Jesus is God's approval for all mankind because no greater love has it than one who would give his life, and Jesus, being both God and man, died on a cross for our sin.  Therefore, Jesus in our lives is once and for all, the purification, justification, and sanctification for our sin and for our identity in God.

Therefore, we are an A + in God's eyes all the time because of Jesus who died for us because of his love for us.

But after you have accepted Jesus to be apart of your day to day life, don't forget the reason why Jesus wants to be in your day to day life.  It's great to know that God accepts you;  now YOU NEED TO START ACCEPTING YOURSELF.   Give yourself an A+ Everyday.  Don't wait for somebody else to give it to you.  Give to God your best.  I believe this is saying give to God your greatest approval of yourself;  remember to stay humble and remember you can do nothing without Him; but don't undermine what you can do especially now since God is apart of every part of your life.  A.Paul said,  "We are more than conquers through him who loved us." Romans 8:37   Another way to say this is, "You and your performance is A+ all the time because of Him who cares for us."

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Another way to say this is, "I am  

Remember:  at the end of the day, don't forget to give yourself an A! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

What Independence Says!

Going in the spirit of Independence is liberating, pun intended..

How to break free from patterns in your life?   Break free by attitude.  Start thinking differently about things.  

Let me be your coach.  First speak to yourself.   Second, start being happy.  It all starts from the inside.  Don't be afraid of being called crazy.  My motto is, if there isn't someone in the room who thinks you're crazy, that just means you're being just like everybody else.  Newsflash, rich people are "crazy", ALL OF THEM!   They think outside the box freely.  It's also a character of things opposite to dependency.  Another newsflash:  Expressing freedom and independence in a positive way in your life is a life of great Wealth.  

I'm learning about this attitude change these days.  When approaching my problems and how to solve them, I noticed a pattern.  Usually, when I discovered a problem, I would imediately think of people who could or might reach out and help me..maybe if I begged them..then I could get want I want and my problem would be solved!  I would think about companies or webpages that would solve my problem.  I used to always email someone and ask them questions in regards to the issue and then take their advice like it came from the bible itself; but I learned that out of habit I was acting in a way that was dependent, and the result was never that productive for me.  Perhaps I was doing this so that I could blame someone else for not achieving what I wanted.   But at any rate, I learned that it is I who need to go directly to sources for information, experience, or whatever..others are not the experts.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going to Start Dating Again?

Years ago, I took a book called "I kissed dating goodbye."  literally.  By writing the book, author Joshua Harris wasn't saying, "Every boy that lived on the face of the round planet needs/must/should do this."  Rathaaah, What he is really saying is "This worked for me, and check it out!  Maybe you'll learn a few pointers to apply some pure touches to your dating life."   Sounds nice!  At first I thought, "Some idiot wrote a book called "I kissed dating goodbye" and I fell for it!"

But now I see that I'm the one who took it the wrong way in the first place..

Well, now I think I'm ready to date.  But boy!  I have a lot to learn.  One of my friends who's a girl is helping me out with that ( I can use all the help I can get! ;) )  I remember about a month ago, I got a girls number.  Well, she almost fainted when I took out a pen and asked for her number!  After she got her face off of the table balling! She wrote her number on my hand (with a pen mind you!).  So I figured out that Duh we have cell phones now!  We can just exchange electronically!  Wow!  I've been out of the game for a while!  This happened twice.  Well, today I did it right.  These were just girls from my local church, but I gave them my number direct by tech!   These were just friends but hey I'm getting it!

I still have a lot of things to learn..  

You Are God's Dream Come True

Here is a quote for Hip Hop artist, Drake: 

"Someday someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you've never seen.  They'll look at you like you're everything they've been searching for their entire lives.  just wait for it, it's coming" 

Now I have a comment about you for you.  Look in the mirror and know that you are the person that you've been waiting for your're entire life.  Do you feel that way about yourself?   You are!  You are God's dream come true.  You are all that he's been dreaming of and more.  There's no other like you, nor will there ever be.  That is why you are a million times brighter than any other person in all exsistance.  It's not bullheaded, it's the truth.   You are such an incredible genius beyond what any one can or will ever dream or imagine.  You are God's dream come true.   

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Choosing a Girlfriend

I say "girlfriend" cause I'm a guy ;)   But Remember,  it's not rocket science when getting a girlfriend.  If patience is a science, then maybe it is!

I've learned that in relationship seeking, you will never have to stop, go out of your way and then have to explain your feelings if the feeling is mutual.  Chemistry generally does all that for you.  We are programed to Just let go.  I can't tell you how many times I tried to "explain my feelings" to a girl and get shut down. 

A girl will let you know if she is interested in a relationship or not.  But there are those that will take you for a ride, don't let them; it's manipulation (using you for fill-in-the-blank).  Stay away from manipulators, every moment with them insults your intelligence. 

Don't go looking and looking.  Look, everybody's busy.  Focus on what you are supposed to focus on and soon you'll see someone doing the same things you're doing, enjoying the same things you enjoy, and wanting to do the same things you do.  You just see them everywhere and you enjoy each others time.

Then, don't rush anything.  Just enjoy each other's company.  No explanation needed.  No need to say a word.  Hang out and have fun!  I'm talking to smart people who aren't trying to take advantage of men or women, but who genuinely like the opposite sex and wants to spend good time with them. 

Remember, take it easy.  Don't dig yourself in the dirt too much, and have a good time with someone who genuinely enjoys your company as well. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crazy-Good. Are you crazy? Good!

And they said of him, "He's out of his mind".  

Sometimes, when people think you are "out of your own mind"  that's a good thing!  People thought Jesus was crazy! But He rose from the grave and now we see that He is King of kings and Lord of lords!  

So if you are sitting in a room and not one person thinks you're crazy, welcome to conformity!  You have just let complacency sit.  You were not made to be like everybody else.  You are made to be "crazy".   People thought Jesus was crazy because he wasn't like everybody else.  What are people thinking about you?  Are you just wanting them to think you are "normal"?   Let us dismiss the myth.  Crazy in the since that you are not being like everybody else, that you are letting God mold you into the person you need to be, is a good thing.  Let God do His thing, and don't let people conform you to what they want you to be over what God wants you to be.  Listen to the people who fear God and not interested in impressing you or feeding their own egos.   My prayer is that we also fear the LORD and trust in what He is doing in our lives.  Let's respect people and at the same time welcome the fact that you might be called "Crazy".  

Remember, just like people thought Noah was crazy and stopped laughing when the rain fell.  Trust in God and trust in Jesus.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 4: Write It Down

Enjoy your life Part 4:

Write it down

Remember, What do you want? We will give it to you. That we is the air that you breathe.  We'll have time to get into that some other time, But, Yes, we trust you!  Trust us! God gave us to you!

Now, what do you want in your life? If you accept the fact that you are a responsible person, therefore you can handle this question more than fully. Make it apart of your schedule to enjoy your life. What does it mean to "enjoy your life?" The world's current definition of this is equal to "waste your life".  I'm not talking about that.  Enjoying your life to the fullest! This is the focus! And how many people know that when you are not helping anyone you will not be able to fully enjoy your life because of all the gifts small and large that God has given us to release all that will bless everything around us including our children for generations and generations eternally.

Therefore, write it down, write down the things you want to do.  Two seconds of vision-writing can make a lifetime of encouraging vision.   Read God's word daily.  Take as many opportunities or breaks from hustle and bustle as possible and write it down!   No one else controls your life.
Not even God wants to make you a robot.  You have a choice and can make it.  Some people say, well I can't do this because God doesn't want me to.   Since when do we know what God wants?   God did not create us to understand all of Him at once but to accept Him; that is, who He is.  Same with ourselves.  We don't need to understand all the details (because we never will), but we need to accept that God is with us and have given us control to choose the kind of life we want to live.  

I'm sorry, but God doesn't say, "Don't do this" or "Don't do that" anymore in general. In other words, Don't focus on what God doesn't want you to do;  focus on what God wants for you. 
God is working with us, encouraging us to grow in love and faith, to cause every dream and desire that He placed in our hearts and gave us the ability from our hearts to not only come true, but give Him great glory! 

This isn't contradicting because what God tells you to do, I can't even come close to explain how everything God tells you to do reflects the characteristics God put in you, and God blesses you to do them.  He gives the spirit of power, love, and superdiscipline as you trust His Spirit (2 Timothy)! 
For example: A man who can heal walks by a blind man; the man will say to a Healer, I want to see, then the Healer will say to him. "I want you to go to this pool and wash your eyes." He goes and then he can see!   Now, in contrast,  You will not see the healer say, "Oh, you want to see??  Well, don't go here, or don't go there!"  No.  You will here the healer give direction very clearly that will make you want into the biggest dream you made clear to the healer!  But remember:  Make it clear!  Write it down!  Pray all kinds of prayers and don't stop!  

Notice the fact that this displays that God put the authority in Him for healing, but you have to make it up in your mind that you will give to God all the glory for it!  

Stop believing that God doesn't want the best for you!  He knows that this is what you want!  His purpose is for you to enjoy your life to the fullest!  Only you can look inside and know what that really means! (John 10:10) 

So write down what you want to do. God trusts you and loves you and wants you to look inside your spirit.   Put it all down in your diary and journal.  Remember He placed such creativity in you, in your heart in the first place.

So as you write it down, your goals, your dreams, watch patiently and see them all come true!  Trust Him!  God is smiling down on you with every move you make!  He loves you! He is fascinated at you! God bless you and your entire life today! 

Be blessed, so so blessed! 


Friday, October 12, 2012

God Has a New Name: "How"

When you approach your problems, or perhaps your dreams.  You may say, "Yes! I believe there is an answer for this, but I don't know how."  Don't say "I don't know how".   Because You DO  know "How".  His name is Jesus!  He is God!  God is "How".  Have faith in "How" for all your dreams way beyond your furthest dreams!

So next time you approach your problems, or think about your successes ahead.  Say to yourself, "I DO KNOW HOW."  "HIS NAME IS JESUS!"  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 3: God trusts YOU

Enjoy your life. Part 3:

God trusts YOU

What do you want? Yes! What do you want? If a person who had everything told a child: "What do you want? Anything!"   Would you think that's crazy?  But I'm telling you:  The only time you tell a person, whether a child or anyone else, this: I will give you anything. I want you to be happy.  So What do you want?   This is because you must truly, TRUST that person on a very great level.

Now, listen. God is saying this to every person: "What do you want?" "I will give you anything. What do you want?" This is because God trusts us in a level unimaginable to all mankind. God trusts you. Did you know that if a child recognizes two things: that their parent truly loves and accepts them for who they are truly, and trusts that child in the deepest way possible, that this child desire will increase to intrinsic and the desire to take advantage (for long) decreases as there is no longer anything to take advantage of; because children ultimately starve from lack of acceptance...this is where most behavioral issues may occur.  Children are mostly imitators of their models; therefore, display maturity, and although children will test, the child will resemble this very character (as children are mimickers of character) the child will take the role of "human".   The Bible says it this way,  "Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not stray from it."  Proverbs 22:6   So the child will think about how to best use this responsibility as a human (look at "Enjoy Your Life" Part 2) and help someone else or the child will ask for what the heart is beckoning from within, the heart within makes up all the unsearchable gifts that God placed richly in their heart in the first place.  And just as God's ways are unsearchable, so are the riches God has been ever pleased to place within each of our hearts like a fingerprint on every man's hand, on our heart before we were ever born or thought of by parents.

So think about what it means to you that God trusts you.  Then think about what it is that you want out of this life from your heart.  Think about your talents and what you want to do with them.  How will they truly be helpful to you and people whom  you love and care for.  

In my next and final segment I will write about: Write it down. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Patience Preserves ALL THINGS!

Patience preserves all things. 

Think about the opposite; if patience preserves all things then impatience ruins what patience preserves.  Relationships work this way.  Whatever patience is preserving will blossom.  Think of patience like an incubator.  Patience provides the right environment for dreams to blossom and grow and flourish into something so great; and once birthed, patience has caused it to capsulize so that it will remain.   Don't we know that this is what pregnancy is all about.   Patience is the womb and our hopes, our dreams, and ambitions are the baby.  We must stay in a constant-ness of patience.  It will preserve and grow and keep and birth our dreams -Whatever your dreams are.  Hope in it and keep your patience.  Do not become impatient.  If you had been impatient before, don't worry, get back on to patience and as surely as a baby comes to light after nine months, your dreams will come into light like a baby boy or girl.  Just remember to do what comes natural to you and your gifts (talents) during "pregnancy".  Need I say: never abort!  Just like a woman with child knows she needs to eat for the babe to grow, know that you need to feed your dreams as well for it to grow.  Be patient.  It's as simple as science.  Don't worry about how it's used, just use it!  Just you wait and see! 


Part 3 of "Enjoy Your Life" coming soon.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 2: We are Human

Enjoy Your Life 

We are Human

Enjoy your life. Part 2: We are Human
The greatest news for all mankind is this:  We are human. What is human? The greatest signature or mark of a human is this: we help others: We all have a innate drive to help others (usually starting with ourselves).   Every single one of our dream jobs employ this, whether it goes wrong or not.  We all want or wanted to help someone else.  This I believe is what makes up humanity and gives us clear distinction from all other creations. This is true also because we have the greatest capacity and versatility in all creation to help others.  I believe we could someday develop the technology to even help the sun if we wanted or needed to.   God gave us tremendous intelligence.  We are not the greatest in all creation because of our power.  No!  It's because of our ability to help others!  We have the greatest ability to help others in the world, and this is what makes us the greatest in all creation.   The greatest has and uses the greatest ability to help others.  It's ingrained in us.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  As we express our Humanity, we help all other creation.  Some of the truest marks of a human are: joy, kindness, patience, faith, love, compassion. Have you shown someone your human side today?  Even animals mimick our behavior, and we say, "That is very humane of xyz." That is because kindness is human.   We need to get back and teach our truest trueness and richness of and in humanity in our schools today.  I like to call this moral intelligene.  We need this today.  I know no one will argue with me on that fact that our schools need it in today's time.  

In the next segment I will write about: God trusts YOU. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 1: The Gift of Responsiblity

Enjoy your life. Part 1:

The Gift of Responsiblity

People rarely put on their schedule: enjoy your life. Who controls your schedule anyway? You do. So write the things you want to do and stop thinking that someone else is responsible for your life. People who think that someone else controls their life is constantly thinking about what they NEED to do, or what they HAVE TO do.   Their language consists of "shoulda" "woulda" "coulda".  I believe in the langauge of "couldya":  Could ya stop using that language!   They (and we all have before) said things like, "I can't help it", and "because of this, I HAVE TO do this." Don't believe and stop believing in lies. You control things. You are responsible. God gave us all the gift, one of the greatest ever, of responsiblity. That's why this is the first principle of success. It's universal. Before one experiences success truly in their life, they first must come to the revelation that they are responsbile human being.   This is the greatest gift God gave to us. It employs the first command God gave to us. Rule over what I created...YOU ARE RESPONSBILE. I don't want to get into sin, but one of the signatures of sin is irresponsiblity. So this may help you: If you think irresponsibly, remember that in such behavior you are "sinning". Use your gift. Use the most important one, which is responsiblity. You are responsbile to enjoy your life.  You have all the power to do so.  Trust it.  This means that you have more than enough power given to you from God Himself to enjoy every single moment of your life.  No one can tell you not to do this or that.  You have full authority to not only enjoy your life but give people the permission to unleash that which is within them so they too can experience enjoyful of their life in the truest and fullest.  Let's step out and do this today. 

In my next feature, I will go into what it means to be Human.  God bless you!   


Friday, October 5, 2012

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy your life. 

When you were born, you were given an assignment and your mission:  Enjoy your life.  This assignment is for your entire life's journey and your eternity. 


I will give four segments to the phrase:  Enjoy your life.  

1.  The Gift of Responsiblity
2. We are Human
3. God Trusts You
4. Write it down

I pray these will be so powerful for you. 

Our new assigment is this:  Go and enjoy your life!   You can not be both joyful and sad at the same time.  But you can choose to be joyful.  Choose it today.   And remember to smile! :D 

Have a blessed day! 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amazing Changes

It's not about what to do, or where you go; it's about in what spirit you do or you go.

In what spirit you do everything will determine it's end...in other words, it will determine whether what you are doing will be beneficial, fruitful, good, positive, and productive for you, or something else.   

Think about it:  Why are you in that relationship?  Why did you go here or there?  The spirit of it all will determine the end or the fruition of it all.  It doesn't matter it's beginning; you can always change the spirit of it all, but be prepared for a change in the environment you are currently in.  Everything's about to change!  To help you, consider praying more often.  Then you will know in what spirit i.e. attitude you need to do all things.   Find out what pleases God and make everything you do reflect that and stay clear away from anything that doesn't.  In some cases (especially the small changes because they seem insignificant) this may seem difficult, but you begin to see amazing, abundant and fullness form all around you (That's a promise John 10:10)!  So if you don't know..ask God...ask Him to show you want pleases Him and begin walking in that heart, mind, and spirit in confidence and trust.   

Have a mind check frequently; Have God check out your mind and take out anything that won't bless you to the full!     

Find out and then tell someone about the changes you are making or better yet, tell people about the amazing changes you are seeing God make in your life!  This is just the kind of spirit that we need to have for others.   

Have a great and abundantly blessed, full and igniting day! 

Monday, October 1, 2012



Everybody wants to have it, but it is all depended upon trust.  

Today, I heard a message partly about what pleases God.  Faith.  Now, think of faith as trust.  It is trusting in God for all things.  Trust pleases God.  Trust is not external.  Trust is internal.  It is from our trust in God that  God wants to display His Power in our lives.  

Now think of the Sun; a pastor was helping his child with homework and it was interesting to him what he was re/learning!   The Sun burns more energy in one second than what entire human history has every utilized.   Also, the sun has enough power to burn for 30 billion years.  Now who holds the sun in His hands?   The same God who created the sun wants to work powerfully in your life.  Now, do you trust Him?   

Trust is not only a force that will work powerfully in your life; It is also the atmosphere through which God will work powerfully in families, in our community, our circles of influence, and everywhere.   

Think about this:  my sister and family have been thinking about ways to support her as she is recovering from an injury in the hospital.  Our first though was to get help from outside, i.e. ask organizations, write television programs, and raise funds from strangers..of course, these things in and of themselves are alright to do..but here is my point:  God wants to do greater work than that!  what we were thinking of doing was getting external help.  External help in any case can only serve as a band aid.   think about when you were a kid.  Sure getting a band aid with help the wound you got from fighting that kid heal, but it's not going to solve the bigger issue of your temper and resolving conflicts with the people around you.   You will need to look in your heart to solve that problem, turn to the boy or girl and apologize for losing your temper.  God knows this and He wants to help us solve our problems from the inside: in our hearts.   Remember, no problem is too unique, and no problem is beyond our solving it with God.  1 Cor. 10:13 God doesn't want to just patch up our problems, he wants to cure them for good! For ever, because that's just what He does, because that's just who He is!   

Seeking external help for an internal problem will only give back external external/temporary results.  What I mean here is this:  In our family we consider raising up money to help my sisiter, but what we are needed the most is an internal transformation that will strengthen and make us blessers instead of seekers after blessings.  In other words, external help never helped an internal problem, but internal solutions always transformed everything, including everything we see now.  Remember that externals by themselves don't solve things but usually make the real actual problems worse!   The answer is inside!  What do I mean?  God is telling His people:  

I have placed in your life EVERYTHING for all and more of what you will EVER need, and it's inside of you.   I will say this again.  EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE NOW WILL GIVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER WANT IN YOUR LIFE.   This is so great news.   

The key is to TRUST.  

God wants us to begin to create an atmosphere of trust.   Look at the people close to you.  Are you trusting them?  Do they know you trust them?  Have you told them in some way that you trust them?  Think of you're very close friends and family.  Now, begin to really, REALLY, trust them.  Obviously, those who are your close friends and family are those who you know you can trust.  Now, start trusting them on purpose!   Trust is the door to the greatest most nurturing relationship you will ever have, experience, and share in your life!   Trust is the door and the key to richness; blessings that come through relationships. 

God is going to bless you not through a t.v. show, or fund organizations, or even sponsors..but through those around you.  Wait as long as it takes for it.  Trust me, it's worth it!   Just as change takes place in your heart and people outside are witnesses to this.   God is making change in your life and family, and people outside are the the impactors...they will not be ones who will cause good change, but rather they will be the witnesses to incredibly great and good change in your life and will even become blessed through that change!   

Change starts with trust.  Trust God and trust those closed to you who love you.   

Last note:  
Think about this:  When you seek something to help you with your problem outside of what you have already been given, you've already lost the battle because you are seeking help in a spirit that does not reflect Trust, nobility, and appreciation.   

When approaching any problem, always start with what you have...but then TRUST  that what you have will bring you into something greater than what you could ever dream, imagine, and increasing multiply all that you have: joy, peace, kindness, love.     

As you trust, you become a witness of deeper and deeper love.  

God bless you today!