Monday, October 29, 2012

A Million-Dollar-Walk : )

Have You Taken Your Million Dollar Walk Yet Today?

A million dollar walk is a walk that will usually take about 10 minutes of the day, but the rewards are priceless.   It's a time to take out of the day to walk and chat.   Walk and pray to God.  Think about your hopes and dreams.  Tell God what's going on in your life.  Let God tell you what's going on in your life.   God is never silent in your life.  He is always working.  It's up to us to calm down and take time for God.  Sometimes we don't hear because our day is too loud!  Time to take time, listen, and hear God is speaking loud and clear!  God is not vague.  Never!  God is the God of order (See Genesis 1 and 2).

As mentioned earlier, this walk is called a "Million Dollar Walk" because a million dollars could never be enough for what those 7 to 10 minutes are worth each day.   Talk to God today.  Tell your hopes and your dreams. God is eager to give you everything.   That promise didn't come from me :)  (Ephesians 1:3).

Have a Grand Day!  

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