Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amazing Changes

It's not about what to do, or where you go; it's about in what spirit you do or you go.

In what spirit you do everything will determine it's end...in other words, it will determine whether what you are doing will be beneficial, fruitful, good, positive, and productive for you, or something else.   

Think about it:  Why are you in that relationship?  Why did you go here or there?  The spirit of it all will determine the end or the fruition of it all.  It doesn't matter it's beginning; you can always change the spirit of it all, but be prepared for a change in the environment you are currently in.  Everything's about to change!  To help you, consider praying more often.  Then you will know in what spirit i.e. attitude you need to do all things.   Find out what pleases God and make everything you do reflect that and stay clear away from anything that doesn't.  In some cases (especially the small changes because they seem insignificant) this may seem difficult, but you begin to see amazing, abundant and fullness form all around you (That's a promise John 10:10)!  So if you don't know..ask God...ask Him to show you want pleases Him and begin walking in that heart, mind, and spirit in confidence and trust.   

Have a mind check frequently; Have God check out your mind and take out anything that won't bless you to the full!     

Find out and then tell someone about the changes you are making or better yet, tell people about the amazing changes you are seeing God make in your life!  This is just the kind of spirit that we need to have for others.   

Have a great and abundantly blessed, full and igniting day! 

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