Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Choosing a Girlfriend

I say "girlfriend" cause I'm a guy ;)   But Remember,  it's not rocket science when getting a girlfriend.  If patience is a science, then maybe it is!

I've learned that in relationship seeking, you will never have to stop, go out of your way and then have to explain your feelings if the feeling is mutual.  Chemistry generally does all that for you.  We are programed to Just let go.  I can't tell you how many times I tried to "explain my feelings" to a girl and get shut down. 

A girl will let you know if she is interested in a relationship or not.  But there are those that will take you for a ride, don't let them; it's manipulation (using you for fill-in-the-blank).  Stay away from manipulators, every moment with them insults your intelligence. 

Don't go looking and looking.  Look, everybody's busy.  Focus on what you are supposed to focus on and soon you'll see someone doing the same things you're doing, enjoying the same things you enjoy, and wanting to do the same things you do.  You just see them everywhere and you enjoy each others time.

Then, don't rush anything.  Just enjoy each other's company.  No explanation needed.  No need to say a word.  Hang out and have fun!  I'm talking to smart people who aren't trying to take advantage of men or women, but who genuinely like the opposite sex and wants to spend good time with them. 

Remember, take it easy.  Don't dig yourself in the dirt too much, and have a good time with someone who genuinely enjoys your company as well. 

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