Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crazy-Good. Are you crazy? Good!

And they said of him, "He's out of his mind".  

Sometimes, when people think you are "out of your own mind"  that's a good thing!  People thought Jesus was crazy! But He rose from the grave and now we see that He is King of kings and Lord of lords!  

So if you are sitting in a room and not one person thinks you're crazy, welcome to conformity!  You have just let complacency sit.  You were not made to be like everybody else.  You are made to be "crazy".   People thought Jesus was crazy because he wasn't like everybody else.  What are people thinking about you?  Are you just wanting them to think you are "normal"?   Let us dismiss the myth.  Crazy in the since that you are not being like everybody else, that you are letting God mold you into the person you need to be, is a good thing.  Let God do His thing, and don't let people conform you to what they want you to be over what God wants you to be.  Listen to the people who fear God and not interested in impressing you or feeding their own egos.   My prayer is that we also fear the LORD and trust in what He is doing in our lives.  Let's respect people and at the same time welcome the fact that you might be called "Crazy".  

Remember, just like people thought Noah was crazy and stopped laughing when the rain fell.  Trust in God and trust in Jesus.  

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