Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Curing Procrastination: A little Restraint Goes a Long Way :)

Do not spoil yourself.  From time to time, hold back a reward.  "Hold back a Reward, Escalate a Goal"  

If you are a procrastinator try this:  Hold back something you enjoy.  I personally like viewing Facebook from time to time, especially when I have other things to do.  It had the potential to feed my procrastination better than any other.  These days I use this to motivate me to finish something of far greater importance to my agenda.  You may think about food;  Tell yourself: "Once I finish this, I'll go to this restaurant and get that ice cream sundae I always love."   But, instead of doing whatever you feel like doing, withhold some things, I promise you, they will taste sweeter once you finish the job you were meant to do.  

Have a great day!  


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