Sunday, October 7, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 1: The Gift of Responsiblity

Enjoy your life. Part 1:

The Gift of Responsiblity

People rarely put on their schedule: enjoy your life. Who controls your schedule anyway? You do. So write the things you want to do and stop thinking that someone else is responsible for your life. People who think that someone else controls their life is constantly thinking about what they NEED to do, or what they HAVE TO do.   Their language consists of "shoulda" "woulda" "coulda".  I believe in the langauge of "couldya":  Could ya stop using that language!   They (and we all have before) said things like, "I can't help it", and "because of this, I HAVE TO do this." Don't believe and stop believing in lies. You control things. You are responsible. God gave us all the gift, one of the greatest ever, of responsiblity. That's why this is the first principle of success. It's universal. Before one experiences success truly in their life, they first must come to the revelation that they are responsbile human being.   This is the greatest gift God gave to us. It employs the first command God gave to us. Rule over what I created...YOU ARE RESPONSBILE. I don't want to get into sin, but one of the signatures of sin is irresponsiblity. So this may help you: If you think irresponsibly, remember that in such behavior you are "sinning". Use your gift. Use the most important one, which is responsiblity. You are responsbile to enjoy your life.  You have all the power to do so.  Trust it.  This means that you have more than enough power given to you from God Himself to enjoy every single moment of your life.  No one can tell you not to do this or that.  You have full authority to not only enjoy your life but give people the permission to unleash that which is within them so they too can experience enjoyful of their life in the truest and fullest.  Let's step out and do this today. 

In my next feature, I will go into what it means to be Human.  God bless you!   


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