Monday, October 8, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 2: We are Human

Enjoy Your Life 

We are Human

Enjoy your life. Part 2: We are Human
The greatest news for all mankind is this:  We are human. What is human? The greatest signature or mark of a human is this: we help others: We all have a innate drive to help others (usually starting with ourselves).   Every single one of our dream jobs employ this, whether it goes wrong or not.  We all want or wanted to help someone else.  This I believe is what makes up humanity and gives us clear distinction from all other creations. This is true also because we have the greatest capacity and versatility in all creation to help others.  I believe we could someday develop the technology to even help the sun if we wanted or needed to.   God gave us tremendous intelligence.  We are not the greatest in all creation because of our power.  No!  It's because of our ability to help others!  We have the greatest ability to help others in the world, and this is what makes us the greatest in all creation.   The greatest has and uses the greatest ability to help others.  It's ingrained in us.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  As we express our Humanity, we help all other creation.  Some of the truest marks of a human are: joy, kindness, patience, faith, love, compassion. Have you shown someone your human side today?  Even animals mimick our behavior, and we say, "That is very humane of xyz." That is because kindness is human.   We need to get back and teach our truest trueness and richness of and in humanity in our schools today.  I like to call this moral intelligene.  We need this today.  I know no one will argue with me on that fact that our schools need it in today's time.  

In the next segment I will write about: God trusts YOU. 


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