Monday, October 15, 2012

Enjoy Your Life: Part 4: Write It Down

Enjoy your life Part 4:

Write it down

Remember, What do you want? We will give it to you. That we is the air that you breathe.  We'll have time to get into that some other time, But, Yes, we trust you!  Trust us! God gave us to you!

Now, what do you want in your life? If you accept the fact that you are a responsible person, therefore you can handle this question more than fully. Make it apart of your schedule to enjoy your life. What does it mean to "enjoy your life?" The world's current definition of this is equal to "waste your life".  I'm not talking about that.  Enjoying your life to the fullest! This is the focus! And how many people know that when you are not helping anyone you will not be able to fully enjoy your life because of all the gifts small and large that God has given us to release all that will bless everything around us including our children for generations and generations eternally.

Therefore, write it down, write down the things you want to do.  Two seconds of vision-writing can make a lifetime of encouraging vision.   Read God's word daily.  Take as many opportunities or breaks from hustle and bustle as possible and write it down!   No one else controls your life.
Not even God wants to make you a robot.  You have a choice and can make it.  Some people say, well I can't do this because God doesn't want me to.   Since when do we know what God wants?   God did not create us to understand all of Him at once but to accept Him; that is, who He is.  Same with ourselves.  We don't need to understand all the details (because we never will), but we need to accept that God is with us and have given us control to choose the kind of life we want to live.  

I'm sorry, but God doesn't say, "Don't do this" or "Don't do that" anymore in general. In other words, Don't focus on what God doesn't want you to do;  focus on what God wants for you. 
God is working with us, encouraging us to grow in love and faith, to cause every dream and desire that He placed in our hearts and gave us the ability from our hearts to not only come true, but give Him great glory! 

This isn't contradicting because what God tells you to do, I can't even come close to explain how everything God tells you to do reflects the characteristics God put in you, and God blesses you to do them.  He gives the spirit of power, love, and superdiscipline as you trust His Spirit (2 Timothy)! 
For example: A man who can heal walks by a blind man; the man will say to a Healer, I want to see, then the Healer will say to him. "I want you to go to this pool and wash your eyes." He goes and then he can see!   Now, in contrast,  You will not see the healer say, "Oh, you want to see??  Well, don't go here, or don't go there!"  No.  You will here the healer give direction very clearly that will make you want into the biggest dream you made clear to the healer!  But remember:  Make it clear!  Write it down!  Pray all kinds of prayers and don't stop!  

Notice the fact that this displays that God put the authority in Him for healing, but you have to make it up in your mind that you will give to God all the glory for it!  

Stop believing that God doesn't want the best for you!  He knows that this is what you want!  His purpose is for you to enjoy your life to the fullest!  Only you can look inside and know what that really means! (John 10:10) 

So write down what you want to do. God trusts you and loves you and wants you to look inside your spirit.   Put it all down in your diary and journal.  Remember He placed such creativity in you, in your heart in the first place.

So as you write it down, your goals, your dreams, watch patiently and see them all come true!  Trust Him!  God is smiling down on you with every move you make!  He loves you! He is fascinated at you! God bless you and your entire life today! 

Be blessed, so so blessed! 


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