Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faster and Cheaper Or Slower and Better

Many people these days are choosing to do things faster and cheaper in  response to slower and better.  Take conversation for example, Jesus invites us to a more slow version of speech and conversation.  Conversation about us and who we are doesn't take travel, but it goes a long way!

Many of us almost forgot what it's like to talk,...really talk to our friends.  I call it sit-down-talk.  We are too used to consumer talk that we almost fooled ourselves into thinking we don't have time for each other.  It can be easy expressing thoughts, presentation, our plugs, and especially catch phrases, which are ok and often fun; but if we are not careful we can lose the sweetness of fresh slow and better conversation.  We often lose touch of sitting at the table with Jesus, with our loved ones.

I want to challenge you to do something today:  Sit down with one member of your family..maybe your mom..maybe your dad...maybe one of your sisters and brothers.  Take them out to eat.  just one of them at a time..and learn about might seem foreign at first, but a little slow conversation will go a long way!

Just you see : )  

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