Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Patience Preserves ALL THINGS!

Patience preserves all things. 

Think about the opposite; if patience preserves all things then impatience ruins what patience preserves.  Relationships work this way.  Whatever patience is preserving will blossom.  Think of patience like an incubator.  Patience provides the right environment for dreams to blossom and grow and flourish into something so great; and once birthed, patience has caused it to capsulize so that it will remain.   Don't we know that this is what pregnancy is all about.   Patience is the womb and our hopes, our dreams, and ambitions are the baby.  We must stay in a constant-ness of patience.  It will preserve and grow and keep and birth our dreams -Whatever your dreams are.  Hope in it and keep your patience.  Do not become impatient.  If you had been impatient before, don't worry, get back on to patience and as surely as a baby comes to light after nine months, your dreams will come into light like a baby boy or girl.  Just remember to do what comes natural to you and your gifts (talents) during "pregnancy".  Need I say: never abort!  Just like a woman with child knows she needs to eat for the babe to grow, know that you need to feed your dreams as well for it to grow.  Be patient.  It's as simple as science.  Don't worry about how it's used, just use it!  Just you wait and see! 


Part 3 of "Enjoy Your Life" coming soon.

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