Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Early Morning Sun Story

The Sun rises and smiles at people every early morning.

He's looking around to greet all who are up.

When he sees them he reminds them of their dreams.  "Your dreams are as bright as me!"

He tells people about the day with a smile.  He likes making his friends smile :)

He likes to have conversations with you about how beautiful the earth is.

But when it's 12pm the Sun is a little occupied, really high in the sky shining light.

For those up at 12pm they see the Sun, but he's too far up to have a conversation.

Those who wake up at 12 don't really know the sun

It makes the sun sad that he can't get to know those like the others.

Every morning, he hopes that someday he can meet those people.

And take a walk sometime..

He has so much to show whats for them...

In the early morning.

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