Monday, October 1, 2012



Everybody wants to have it, but it is all depended upon trust.  

Today, I heard a message partly about what pleases God.  Faith.  Now, think of faith as trust.  It is trusting in God for all things.  Trust pleases God.  Trust is not external.  Trust is internal.  It is from our trust in God that  God wants to display His Power in our lives.  

Now think of the Sun; a pastor was helping his child with homework and it was interesting to him what he was re/learning!   The Sun burns more energy in one second than what entire human history has every utilized.   Also, the sun has enough power to burn for 30 billion years.  Now who holds the sun in His hands?   The same God who created the sun wants to work powerfully in your life.  Now, do you trust Him?   

Trust is not only a force that will work powerfully in your life; It is also the atmosphere through which God will work powerfully in families, in our community, our circles of influence, and everywhere.   

Think about this:  my sister and family have been thinking about ways to support her as she is recovering from an injury in the hospital.  Our first though was to get help from outside, i.e. ask organizations, write television programs, and raise funds from strangers..of course, these things in and of themselves are alright to do..but here is my point:  God wants to do greater work than that!  what we were thinking of doing was getting external help.  External help in any case can only serve as a band aid.   think about when you were a kid.  Sure getting a band aid with help the wound you got from fighting that kid heal, but it's not going to solve the bigger issue of your temper and resolving conflicts with the people around you.   You will need to look in your heart to solve that problem, turn to the boy or girl and apologize for losing your temper.  God knows this and He wants to help us solve our problems from the inside: in our hearts.   Remember, no problem is too unique, and no problem is beyond our solving it with God.  1 Cor. 10:13 God doesn't want to just patch up our problems, he wants to cure them for good! For ever, because that's just what He does, because that's just who He is!   

Seeking external help for an internal problem will only give back external external/temporary results.  What I mean here is this:  In our family we consider raising up money to help my sisiter, but what we are needed the most is an internal transformation that will strengthen and make us blessers instead of seekers after blessings.  In other words, external help never helped an internal problem, but internal solutions always transformed everything, including everything we see now.  Remember that externals by themselves don't solve things but usually make the real actual problems worse!   The answer is inside!  What do I mean?  God is telling His people:  

I have placed in your life EVERYTHING for all and more of what you will EVER need, and it's inside of you.   I will say this again.  EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE NOW WILL GIVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER WANT IN YOUR LIFE.   This is so great news.   

The key is to TRUST.  

God wants us to begin to create an atmosphere of trust.   Look at the people close to you.  Are you trusting them?  Do they know you trust them?  Have you told them in some way that you trust them?  Think of you're very close friends and family.  Now, begin to really, REALLY, trust them.  Obviously, those who are your close friends and family are those who you know you can trust.  Now, start trusting them on purpose!   Trust is the door to the greatest most nurturing relationship you will ever have, experience, and share in your life!   Trust is the door and the key to richness; blessings that come through relationships. 

God is going to bless you not through a t.v. show, or fund organizations, or even sponsors..but through those around you.  Wait as long as it takes for it.  Trust me, it's worth it!   Just as change takes place in your heart and people outside are witnesses to this.   God is making change in your life and family, and people outside are the the impactors...they will not be ones who will cause good change, but rather they will be the witnesses to incredibly great and good change in your life and will even become blessed through that change!   

Change starts with trust.  Trust God and trust those closed to you who love you.   

Last note:  
Think about this:  When you seek something to help you with your problem outside of what you have already been given, you've already lost the battle because you are seeking help in a spirit that does not reflect Trust, nobility, and appreciation.   

When approaching any problem, always start with what you have...but then TRUST  that what you have will bring you into something greater than what you could ever dream, imagine, and increasing multiply all that you have: joy, peace, kindness, love.     

As you trust, you become a witness of deeper and deeper love.  

God bless you today!  

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