Monday, November 12, 2012

Arrive At the End Of Yourself :)

Today, begin cancelling out all the factors that say, "I deserve this because..."   Those things will be the things that keep you from receiving the things you don't deserve.  

Listen, you may think because of your efforts, you deserve to enter into your local community college, but God wants you to let go of the things you think you deserve, because He wants you to enter into Yale University!  

Come to the end of yourself.  Understand that God wants to give you the things that display who He is, not who we are.  

Personally, I may think that I am talented, smart, able to do many things.  But I need to realize that GOD likes to do things that amaze even YOU beyond your imagination!   It won't be your talents, good looks, smile, or abilities necessarily that will break through!  It will be your belief in a God that does exceeding and way beyond all we could ever see, dream, or imagine for our lives.   Take the challenge to come at the end of yourself today.  Get to the point that you know God causes things to abundantly explode in your life.  

Take the challenge today!  Arrive at the end of yourself, because He's about to arrive into a new beginning for yourself and your entire family.  Amen! 

Have a great day!  

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